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No. Organization Position Name Field of Specialization
1 Library Professor (add.) Emi Ishita Library and Information Science, Research Data Management, Text Classification, Computational Social Science,
2 Library Professor (add.) Masanori Yamada Educational Technology, Learning Science
3 Library Professor (add.) NAGASHIMA Hiroki Korean History
4 Library Professor (add.) Tomiura Yoichi Natural Language Processing
5 Library Professor (add.) YOON Seongho Carbon materias Science
6 Library Professor (add.) Yoshiki Hori Hisotry of Architecture and City Planning in Europe
7 Library Associate Professor Shimizu Toshiyuki Database
8 Library Associate Professor Yukiko Watanabe Library & Information Science
9 Library Associate Professor (add.) Akashi Tomonori History of Universities, Archival science, Modern history of Japan
10 Library Associate Professor (add.) Ikeda Daisuke Informatics
11 Library Associate Professor (add.) Ito Eisuke Information Science, Distributed System, Information search, Web service, Digital Authenticaion and Authorization
12 Manuscript Library Professor (add.) Seinosuke Ide History of Arts of East Asia
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