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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
1 School of Design Professor Kenichi TANOUE Architectural Planning and Design
2 School of Design Professor Naoyuki Oi Urban and Building Environment, Environmental Psychology
3 School of Design Professor UKAI Tetsuya Architectural Design, Urban Design
4 School of Design Associate Professor Tomo INOUE Planning of Building Construction, Management and Organization of the Building Process
5 School of Design Associate Professor Yuki Kato History of Japanese Architecture
6 School of Design Lecturer Jun Tuchiya Building Materials, Finishing Materials, Landscape Materials
7 School of Design Lecturer Tomoko Imasaka Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Ultrashort Optical Pulse, Deveropment of Mass Spectrometer
8 School of Design Assistant Professor Masaaki Iwamoto Architectural Design
9 School of Design Assistant Professor Yoichi Kawamoto Building and Urban Environmental Engineering
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