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Shigeki YASHIRO   Professor   Faculty of Engineering Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
[Presentations]   sin transfer molding by the GP using AIC and TOL, Canada-Japan-Vietnam Workshop on Composites, 2016.08.

Yoshio Iwai   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering
[Papers]   t and Process Design), May 12-16 2019, Vancouver, Canada

Kazuo UEDA   Associate Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Human Science
[Presentations]   cal Society of America and 2018 Acoustics Week in Canada in Victoria, Canada, 2018.11.

Tetsuji Onoue   Professor   Faculty of Sciences Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
[Papers]   n the Black Bear Ridge section, British Columbia, Canada,

Keiyo Fujihara   Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Environmental Design
[Outline_Activities]   of Yamaguchi)2000: General producer for the Japan-Canada contemporary dance project

Nokitaka Setsu   Assistant Professor   Faculty of Medical Sciences Department of Clinical Medicine
[Professional_and_Outreach_Activities]   ology department, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Hiroshi Isoda   Professor   Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
[Books]   Rural System of the 21st Century in the U.S. and Canada.

Yasuhito Osanai   Professor   Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies Department of Environmental Changes
[Papers]   eral geologists from Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and Canada. They included structural and petrological ...

Yusaku Nakabeppu   Professor   Medical Institute of Bioregulation Department of Immunobiology and Neuroscience
[Presentations]   y and MolecularCellular Biology) (Banff, Alberta, CANADA).

Yuichi Sugai   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering Department of Earth Resources Engineering
[Outline_Activities]   respectively. Oil extracted from Oman, China and Canada can be utilized by this bacterium instead o...

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