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Kentaro Yamaguchi   Professor   Faculty of Human-Environment Studies Department of Architecture and Urban Design
[Papers]   Masonry Building in Tabriz, Iran,Proceedings of X Chilean Conference on Seismology and Earthquake En...

Kuriko Kudo   Lecturer   Kyushu University Hospital International Medical Department
[Presentations]   ogy for Remote Medical Education, 2018 The second Chile Telemedicine Workshop, 2018.11.qir_handle_li...

Tomoaki Fuji   Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Human Life Design and Science
[Research_Interests]   Development of Swinging Crib for Supporting Child-carekeyword : Chile Care, Crib, Engineering Design

Melanie Augusta Chilion Sarantou   Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Strategic Design
[Papers]   t carried out for a Master of Design programme in Chile. The process resulted in a change of perspec...

Takanori Uchida   Associate Professor   Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Renewable Energy Center
[Presentations]   ucted at the summit of Co. Chajnantor in northern Chile. Main purpose of this study starting with th...

Akimasa Yoshikawa   Professor   Faculty of Sciences Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
[Papers]   centers before the selected EQs in Mexico, Japan, Chile, and Indonesia. Our analyses present interes...

ABDELRAHMAN ZKRIA MOHAMED AHMED   Post-doctoral Fellow   Center for Japan-Egypt Cooperation in Science and Technology(E-JUST Center)
[Educational_Activities]   n”• Eng. Uko Lydia Chile (MSc student), “Fabrication of Self-healing Material for Metals’ Corrosion

Fumio Hiroshima   Professor   Faculty of Mathematics Division of Analysis
[Presentations]   ional Congress of Mathematical Physics(ICMP) 2015,Chile, 2015.08.

Jose Caaveiro   Professor   Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
[Presentations]   n: a structural and physicochemical perspective., Chile-Japan Academic Forum 2016 at Patagonia, 2016...

Yusuke Kosuga   Associate Professor   Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Division of Nuclear Fusion Dynamics
[Papers]   Rice, J. W. Hughes, P. H. Diamond, N. Cao, M. A. Chilenski, A. E. Hubbard, J. H. Irby, Yusuke Kosug...

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