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HOOMAN FARZANEH   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering Sciences Department of Advanced Environmental Science and Engineering
[Papers]   ure for Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in Iraq, Considering Grassroots and Retrofit Design,

Toru OGA   Associate Professor   Faculty of Law Department of Political Science
[Presentations]   Ethics: Mearsheimer, Snyder and Walt Against the Iraq War, Midwest Political Science Association (M...

Senda Ryoko   Associate Professor   Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies Department of Environmental Changes
[Papers]   ough Northwest Syria, Southeast Turkey, Northeast Iraq, Southwest Iran, and into Oman, marks a 3000km

IIJIMA SHUJI   Professor   Faculty of Human-Environment Studies Department of Human Sciences
[Presentations]   dical Forms of Violent Life;Arrernte Fighting and Iraq War, the International Association for the Hi...

Dai YAMAO   Associate Professor   Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies Department of Social Studies
[Membership_in_Academic_Society]   qir_handle_linkInternational Association for Contemporary Iraqi Studies

Kazuhiro SHIMIZU   Professor   Faculty of Humanities Department of History
[Research_Interests]   est Asian HistoryThe formation and development of Iraqi society under the `Abbasid rulekeyword : Ca...

HIROKO KINOSHITA   Associate Professor   The International Student Center
[Presentations]   he Electorate by Islamist Parties during the 2018 Iraqi Parliamentary Election, International Confer...

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