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KUNGEN TEII TSUTSUI   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering Sciences Department of Advanced Energy Science and Engineering
[Presentations]   ional Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials, Spain, 2012..Electrical Characteristics of 4H-SiC/...

Jin Miyawaki   Associate Professor   Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering Department of Advanced Device Materials
[Presentations]   ions in EDLC electrode using solid-state NMR, 2nd Spain-Japan Joint Symposium for Advanced Supercapc...

Shigenobu Kainuma   Associate Professor   Faculty of Engineering
[Papers]   e Mechanics,Key Engineering Materials, Alicante, Spain

Katsuya Fukami   Professor   Material Management Center
[Presentations]   y Interaction (UIIN), UIIN conference, Barcelona, Spain, 2014.04.

Andrew John Chapman   Associate Professor   International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research Energy Analysis Division
[Papers]   gy deployment. The examples of Germany, Italy and Spain are of particular note for their progress al...

Fumio Hiroshima   Professor   Faculty of Mathematics Department of Mathematics
[Presentations]   iated with Schroedinger operators, QUTIS, Bilbao, Spain, 2016.09.

asahiro Kazuo   Associate Professor   Faculty of Design Department of Environmental Design
[Presentations]   Hamlets of Rural Area in Northern Part of Aragon, Spain.

Takanori Uchida   Associate Professor   Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Division of Renewable Energy Dynamics
[Presentations]   lant of a solar chimney was erected in Manzanares Spain to evaluate the feasibility of the solar tow...

Hiroshi Idei   Professor   Research Institute for Applied Mechanics Advanced Fusion Research Center

Hiroki Nishibata   Assistant Professor   Faculty of Sciences Department of Physics
[Papers]   FPA2014-57196-C5-4-P, the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain) under grant PROMETEO/2010/101, the National...

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