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No. Undergraduate School Position Name Field of Specialization
1 Assistant Professor Akie Kawasaki Forestry Economics
2 Professor Kazuto (Real name: Kazuo) Misumi Sociology
3 Associate Professor Kimura Takuya Sociology of Education, Educational Planning, Social Statistics ,Educational Measurement
4 Professor Kunio Araya Entomology 
5 Associate Professor Kyoko Funahashi Osteoarchaeology
6 Associate Professor Mako Nakamura Muscle Biology, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology
7 Lecturer Masami Maruyama Bioethics & Medical Ethics
8 Associate Professor Matthew Isaac Armstrong Curriculum Design, Teaching Methodology, Academic Writing
9 Professor Noriko Matsunaga History of Education,History of Cross-Cultural Communication,Japanese Language Teaching,Multicultural Relations Studies
10 Associate Professor SEVILLA-LIU Anton Education (Philosophy of Education, Student Guidance, Qualitative Research)
11 Assistant Professor Shuichiro Tao Particle Physics, Physics Education
12 Professor Takeshi ONIMARU Political History, Comparative Area Studies
13 Associate Professor TAKUO KOMINATO Higher Education Management, Economic Thought
14 Associate Professor Toshifumi Saito communication design, technological singularity, advertising design, museum design, creative direction, art direction,
15 Associate Professor XIAOYAN LI Second Language Acquisition from the Perspective of Knowledge Science
16 Professor Yuji Soejima Crystal Physics
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