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Masahiro Ushiroshoji Last modified date:2019.06.17

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AQA Project Website
“AQA Project” is a team formed by students learning aesthetics and art history at the School of Letters, Kyushu University. Their interests lie in various facets of art museum administration such as exhibition, research, education, publicity, out-reaching and promotion, through on-site practice and fieldwork; and through this process we aim to make active commitment to society. .
Academic Degree
Bachelor of Art
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Art History
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Based on the research and field work I conducted for years as a curator, I intend to further explore a diversity of issues on Asian modern art. The aim is also to nurture a cooperative relationship with museums in pursuing academic research, education, and community involvements.
Research Interests
  • Gauguinism in Asian Art
    keyword : Gauguin, Asia, Art
  • Studies for Practical Use of Art Resources in University
    keyword : Art Exhibition University Museum Collection
  • The Formation of Art History in Southeast Asia
    keyword : Asia Art Art History
  • Reconstruction of the concept of "Bijyutsu (Art)" in Japan -The Comprehensive Study Encompassing Vocabulary and Theory-

    keyword : Art, Art History
  • The Transformation of Art as a Social System in Contemporary Visual Culture/ Art
    keyword : Asia Art
  • Studies for Practical Use of Art Resources in University
    keyword : Art Exhibition University Museum Collection
  • Localcolor and Identity in Asian Modern Art
    keyword : localcolor identity Modern Art in Asia National Art Competition
  • Propaganda and Art
    keyword : War, Mural, Keimin Bunka Shidosho
  • University and Art: A Public Perspective
    keyword : Public Art, AOYAMA Kumaji, Mural Painting in Kyushu University
    2005.01~2007.12University and Art.
  • Modernism in Asian Art
    keyword : Asia Art Modernism
    1994.12Modernism in Asian Art.
Current and Past Project
  • The Formation of Art History in Southeast Asia
  • In 17th-century Europe, the concept of fine art or jyunsui-bijyutsu was established by excluding manufactured goods or crafts. On the contrary, the artistic skill called “Gei” as craftsmanship continued to keep a position as the ability that was important even to the nobles for a long time in the East. This was due to the fundamentally different structures that the East respected spirituality whereas Europe pursued realistic expression in art works. These two worlds had not been interfered with each other, but at last they encountered in modern times. Especially in Japan, since craft works, as seen in tea ceremony, took an important role as a “tool" to support the idea of spiritual world which tea masters were trying to suggest, Japanese people thought that these craft works naturally possessed metaphysical value. Because of this, when they learned a newly arrived concept of "art," it was reasonable that they regarded these craft works which display their spiritual world as "art" works. However, these craft works were excluded from "art" by art experts coming to Japan and at overseas exhibitions, and it emerged that Japan confronted with this situation.
  • Localcolor and Identity in Asian Modern Art
  • The History and Transmission of Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts in the Kyoto Area, Organaizer: INAGA Shigemi, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 2003-
  • Art Exchange between Japan and Asia- Role of Japan, Pre-War period, Organizer: RAWANCHAIKUL Toshiko, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, 2002-
  • Representation of "Tradition" and Gender, Organizers: IKEDA Shinobu and YOSHIDA Kenji, National Museum of Ethnology, 2001-2003
Academic Activities
1. 後小路雅弘, The Birth of fine art in Southeast Asia, 1900-1945, Charting Thoughts: Essays on Art in Southeast Asia, 130-139, 2017.04.
1. USHIROSHOJI Masahiro"Vietnamese Painters' Journey to Japan in 1943" at the Symposium "Foreign Land and Home Country-Undercurrents and Turbulence in East Asian Art History, 1920-40" in Graduate Institute of Art History of National Taiwan University.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Kyushu Art Society
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Professional and Outreach Activities
Co-Curator: Modern Art in Vietnam, 2005; Cubism in Asia, 2005.