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Koji Saeki Last modified date:2020.01.30

Professor / Japanese History
Department of History
Faculty of Humanities

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Administration Post
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Academic Degree
Field of Specialization
Medieval Japanese History
Outline Activities
I study relations between Japan and East Asia in the medieval age.
I teach medieval Japanese history in the lecture and seminar.
3.Social activities
I do several social activities.
Research Interests
  • Relations between Medieval Japan and East Asia
    keyword : Japan,Korea,China,Ryukyu,Hakata,Tsushima
    1992.04Relations between Medieval Japan and East Asia.
Current and Past Project
  • East Asia and Japan : Interaction and Transformations
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Faculty of Letters: Lecture,Seminar,Practice of Japanese History
Faculty of Humanities:Lecture,Seminar of Medeival Japanese History
Professional and Outreach Activities
Public lecture of Kyushu University,Fuculty of Humanities.