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Atsushi OKAZAKI Last modified date:2023.03.26

Professor / Western History; Library Science
Department of History
Faculty of Humanities

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Academic Degree
Master of Letters (kyushu University), Doctor of Letters (Kumamoto University)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
European History, Diplomatics, Archival Sciences
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Research Interests
  • Archives and Historical Research in 19th and 20th France: The Ecole des Chartes and his Contribution
    keyword : Occidental History, Archives Sciences, Historical Materials, Historical Theory
  • Managing the historic resources in the public interest under the global and information-oriented context
    keyword : Public History, Public Archaeology, Archival Studies, Open Access/Open Data, Library and Information Science, Cultural Patrimoine
  • Comparative Study on the governmental praxis by the means of the epistolary form act in the Japanese and European Middle Ages.
    keyword : diplomatics, Comparative History, Japanese medieval history, European medieval history, epistolary form act
  • Epistolary form documents and Communication in the Medieval and the Early Modern Ages
    keyword : letter, diplomatics, communication, Medieval history, Early Modern Age
  • Comparative Studies of Diplomatics in Medieval Japan and Europe
    keyword : Diplomatics, Comparative History
  • History of Intellectuals in the Western Middle Ages
    keyword : Intellectuals, Knowledge, Western History, Middle Ages
  • Archival Studies, Records Management Theory
    keyword : Archives, Records Management
  • Comparative Studies on Archives
    keyword : Comparative History, Medieval Ages, Modern Ages, Archives, European History
  • Studies on Feudal Society in Medieval Europe
    keyword : European History, Medieval Ages, Feudal Society, Eglise
  • Studies on Medieval European Documents
    keyword : European History, Medieval Ages, Diplomatics, Historical Methodology
  • Studies on the Cathedral Church of Paris in the Middle Ages
    keyword : European History, Medieval Ages, Church of Paris, Institutional History
Current and Past Project
  • Managing the historic resources in the public interest under the global and information-oriented context
  • Correspondence Texts in the Historical Process of 'As if'-Transpositions: Comprehension of the term monjo, its styles, signs, representations, and intentions
Academic Activities
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11. (Résumé des conférences) OKAZAKI, Atsushi, Pratiques éprouvées et rénovations de la diplomatique (Orient / Occident) : enquêtes et réflexions, dans Annuaire de l’Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, section des sciences historiques et philologiques. Résumés des conférences et travaux, 147e année, 2014-2015.
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18. OKAZAKI, Atsushi, Codicologie, Diplomatique, Epigraphie, Sigillographie/Heraldique, in Introduction to Medieval Studies, 2005.
1. OKAZAKI, Atsushi, Public Records and Archives Management in the DX Era: "Report of the Digital Working Group (Public Records and Archives Management Commission)" and His Significances.
2. OKAZAKI, A., SAKAMOTO, H. and HIRATA. T., The Trends of the Undergraduate Students Interests on the Western History in the Kyushu University : An Analysis of the Thesis Titles since 1928, 2022.
3. OKAZAKI, Atsushi, The French Revolution and Archives: The Formation and Transformation of Modern Archives, Q. Edward Wang, Okamoto Michihiro and Longguo Li, ed., Western Historiography in Asia. Circulation, Critique and Comparison, Berlin/Boston, 2022, 219-235, 2022.03.
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  • The Japan Society for Archival Science
  • Japan Society for Medieval European Studies
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