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Tomoyuki KUBO Last modified date:2020.03.30

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phonology: prosody, vowel harmony, distinctive features, phonology-syntax interface.
phonetics: phonetics-phonology interface
Manchu and Sive languages: phonology, morphology, syntax

Introduction to Phonetics
Introduction to Phonology
Advanced Phonology
Research Interests
  • Phontetics, phonology, morphology, and phonology-syntax interface, especially in Japanese, Manchu, Sibe, Mongolian, Modern Uyghur and other languages spoken in Asia.
    keyword : Manchu, Sibe, phonetics, phonology, phonology-syntax interface
    1985.04I am describing the grammars of several languages spoken in Central and East Asia, including Manchu, Sive, Uyghur, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean etc. Manchu is a language spoken by the Manchus who established the Qing dynasty in China. Although the language is almost extinct, there is a language called Sive which is spoken in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China by 20,000 peoples. I am doing research into both of Written and Spoken Manchu. The study of Spoken Manchu will make a large contribution to that of Written Manchu, and vice versa..
Academic Activities
1. Basic Sibe.
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Educational Activities
Graduate School of Humanities:
Phonology, Descriptive Linguistics, Manchu

School of Letters:
Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Descriptive Linguistics
Other Educational Activities
  • 2019.08.
  • 2011.08.
  • 1999.04.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Open lectures in Fukuoka city:
"Silk Road --- A Melting Pot of Languages"(2001)
"Language Death"(1998).