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Tomoyuki KUBO Last modified date:2021.07.25

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Director of the University Libraries

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phonology: prosody, vowel harmony, distinctive features, phonology-syntax interface.
phonetics: phonetics-phonology interface
Manchu and Sive languages: phonology, morphology, syntax

Introduction to Phonetics
Introduction to Phonology
Advanced Phonology
Research Interests
  • Phontetics, phonology, morphology, and phonology-syntax interface, especially in Japanese, Manchu, Sibe, Mongolian, Modern Uyghur and other languages spoken in Asia.
    keyword : Manchu, Sibe, phonetics, phonology, phonology-syntax interface
    1985.04I am describing the grammars of several languages spoken in Central and East Asia, including Manchu, Sive, Uyghur, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean etc. Manchu is a language spoken by the Manchus who established the Qing dynasty in China. Although the language is almost extinct, there is a language called Sive which is spoken in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China by 20,000 peoples. I am doing research into both of Written and Spoken Manchu. The study of Spoken Manchu will make a large contribution to that of Written Manchu, and vice versa..
Academic Activities
1. Basic Sibe.
1. Yosuke Igarashi, Yukinori Takubo, Yuka Hayashi, and Tomoyuki Kubo, Tonal neutralization in the Ikema dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan, Tonal Change and Neutralization, 83-128, 2018.03.
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Educational Activities
Graduate School of Humanities:
Phonology, Descriptive Linguistics, Manchu

School of Letters:
Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Descriptive Linguistics
Other Educational Activities
  • 2019.08.
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  • 1999.04.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Open lectures in Fukuoka city:
"Silk Road --- A Melting Pot of Languages"(2001)
"Language Death"(1998).