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Reiji Hattori Last modified date:2022.06.25

Professor / Photonic System Devision
Global Innovation Center
Global Innovation Center

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Doctor of engineering
Field of Specialization
Electronic device
Outline Activities
1. Research on orgnic LED display technologies
2. Research on oxide thin-film transistor technologies
3. Research on touch sensor panel technologies
4. Research on wireless power transmission technologies
Research Interests
  • Analysis of organic electronic devices using 2-dimensional device simulator
    keyword : Oraganic light-emitting display, Organic thin-film-transistor, device simulator
  • Developing the driving circuit of novel displays
    keyword : FED, High voltage IC
  • Electroic paper development
    keyword : electronic paper, quick-response liquid-powder display
Academic Activities
Professional and Outreach Activities
He is a program committee member of OLED session of Society for Information Display (SID) and International Display Workshop (IDW), and a program vice chair of international workshop of active-matrix flat-panel-display (AM-FPD)..