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Kenshi Hayashi Last modified date:2021.06.17

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Organic Electronic Device Lab. .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Field of Specialization
electronic materials, organic electronics, sensor technology, electronic device
Outline Activities
Developments of odor and taste sensor have been carried out using functional electronic and organic materials based on nanotechnology and surface science. High sensitive measurement for odor substances or biometrics is the main problem on technical purposes. Qualitative analyses are also important thema of odor and taste sensing. On educational area, functional devices and measurement technology for undergraduate and master course are treated from basic to very advanced matter. Inteligent sensor technology, Inc. USE inc, and IBC inc are co-worker on various sensor system developments. Chemical sensor system society of The institute of electrical engineers of Japan is the main society for investigatiion on sensors.
Research Interests
  • Information service using odor cluster matching
    keyword : odor code, odor cluster, matching, odor map, information service, odor data base, metainformation
  • Visualization of odor space
    keyword : visualization, odor, fluorescent probe, molecular recognition
  • Measurement and coding of odor quality and quantity
    keyword : odor sensor, substructure of odor molecule, odor code, odor display
  • Novel devices using molecular wire and organic electronic material.
    keyword : molecular wire, nano wire, tunnel current, odor
  • Biometrics by odor sensing
    keyword : biometrics, odor sensor, odor type
Academic Activities
1. Masahiro Imahashi, Masashi Watanabe, S. K. Jha, Kenshi Hayashi, Olfaction-inspired Sensing using a Sensor System with Molecular Recognition and Optimal Classification Ability for Comprehensive Detection of Gases, Sensors, 14, 5221-5238, 2014.03.
2. Bin Chen, Chuanjun Liu, Masashi Watanabe, Kenshi Hayashi, Layer-by-Layer Structured AuNP Sensors for Terpene Vapor Detection, IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, 10.1109/JSEN.2013.2264803, 13, 11, 4212-4219, 2013.11.
3. Masahiro Imahashi, Kenshi Hayashi, Concentrating materials covered by molecular imprinted nanofiltration layer with reconfigurability prepared by a surface sol-gel process for gas-selective detection, JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, 10.1016/j.jcis.2013.05.051, 406, 186-195, 2013.09.
4. Chuanjun Liu, Yudai Furusawa, Kenshi Hayashi, Development of a fluorescent imaging sensor for the detection of human body sweat odor, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 10.1016/j.snb.2013.03.111, 183, 117-123, 2013.07.
5. Bin Chen, Chuanjun Liu, Manami Ota, Kenshi Hayashi, Terpene Detection Based on Localized Surface Plasma Resonance of Thiolate-Modified Au Nanoparticles, IEEE SENSORS JOUNAL, 13, 4, 1307-1314, 2013.04.
6. Bin Chen, Manami Ota, Masami Mokume, Chuanjun Liu, Kenshi Hayashi, High-speed Gas Sensing using Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Sputtered Noble Metal Nanoparticles
, 電気学会論文誌E(センサ・マイクロマシン部門誌), 10.1541/ieejsms.133.90, 133, 3, 90-95, 2013.03.
7. Chuanjun Liu, Zhiyun Noda, Kazunori Sasaki, Kenshi Hayashi, Development of a polyanilinenanofibe-based carbon monoxide sensor for hydrogen fuel cell application,, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2012.06.096, 37, 13529-13535, 2012.07.
8. Masahiro Imahashi, Kenshi Hayashi, Odor clustering and discrimination using an odor separating system, Sensors and Actuators B:Chemical, 10.1016/j.snb.2012.03.041, 166, 685-694, 2012.03.
9. C. Liu, K. Hayashi, K. Toko, Template-Free Deposition of Polyaniline Nanostructures on Solid Substrates with Horizontal Orientation, Macromolecules, 10.1021/ma1023878, 44, 7, 2212-2219, 2011.03.
10. Hirotaka Matsuo, Kenshi Hayashi, Detection of odor map image using optical method, Proceeding of International Conference on Advanced Mechatronics, 165-170, 2010.10.
11. C. Liu, K. Hayashi, K. Toko, Electrochemical Deposition of Nanostructured Polyaniline on an Insulating Substrate, Electrochemistry Communications, 12, 1, 36-39, 2010.01.
Educational Activities
I charge in Electrical circuit II, where lecture on basis of electrical circuit analysis and exercise are performed. Electromagnetics are also lectured in Undergraduate Programs and Courses.
In graduate school, advanced functional device, electronic measurement technology and measurement technology on biometrics are lectured. Organic electronics and sensor devices are also aim of the lectures.
Other Educational Activities
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