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Caslav Pejovic Last modified date:2022.06.03

Professor / International Law Chair
Department of International Legal Studies
Faculty of Law

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Maritime Law, International Business Law, Comparative Law
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Outline Activities
Currently working on several articles in the area of maritime law and international business law, mainly related to the carriage of good by sea. Teaching several courses at undergraduate and graduate (LL.M) studies in Japanese and English languages. Acting as advising professor for doctoral dissertation and master thesis to a number of students at the LL.D. and LL.M, courses. Member of the Japanese Association of Maritime Law, the International Academy of Comparative Law (IACL), the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law (IACCL), the Asian Law and Society Association (ALSA).
Research Interests
  • International Business Law, Maritime Law, Comparative law
    keyword : International Business Law, Maritime Law, Comparative law
    1997.04~2020.05Research is directed at several directions. Main topic is related to Maritime Law, particularly carriage of goods by sea. More recently, the research covers also company law, particularly Japanese corporate governance. Other research activities include E-commerce, International Business Law and Foreign Investment Law..
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LL.M. Courses:
Transnational Commercial Law and Foreign Investment, International Maritime Law; serving as academic supervisor to a number of LL.M. students