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KENJI IWATA Last modified date:2023.11.22

Executive Vice President(Senior Vice President) / Trustee(Vice President)

Graduate School
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Administration Post
Vice President
Director of the International Student Center
Director of the Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Economics)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Financial Economics
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
【Research】 Main research field is the financial and monetary integration in Europe as a precess of forming EU wide "National Economy", analyzing integrated financial system within the EU and some issues concerning the single currency Euro.
【Education】The lectures are organized in accordance with the internationally `standardized' contents of Financial System and/or International Finance with some original ingredients based on the research on the EU financial integration.
【Social Activities】 Director of the EU Centre of Kyushu University, Board Member of EUSA (European Union Studies Association)-Japan, Visiting Researcher of the Japan Securities Research Institute.
Research Interests
  • Financial and Monetary Integration within European Union
    keyword : Money and Banking, International Money and Finance, European Union
    1989.04Presently focusing on the financial and monetary integration in Europe, analyze the integrated financial system of the EU from both internal and external point of view. Topics on the internal aspects of the Euro Area Financial System are the degree of the financial integration, the EU financial administration, convergence of the national financial systems within the Euro area etc, whereas the external studies are focusing on the role of the Euro as an international currency etc..
Current and Past Project
  • Regional Integration in Europe-Reconsidering from theory of Economic Integration.
  • To analyze the Financial System Crisis and Banking Union of the European Union.
  • To analyze the impact of the Global Financial Crisis from 2007 on the European Financial System and the European Economy.
  • To analyze a series of measures taken by European Union for a reform of the EU financial system, from a point of view of theory of long term economic wave, using a long-term data of flow of funds of main industriarised countries, and to draw some lessons for future reforms for the Japanese Financial system.
Academic Activities
1. Soko TANAKA, Shigeyasu OSABE, Hiromasa KUBO, Kenji IWATA, Modern European Economy 6th edition, Yuhikaku, Tokyo, March 2022..
2. Soko TANAKA, Shigeyasu OSABE, Hiromasa KUBO, Kenji IWATA, Modern European Economy fifth edition, Yuhikaku, Tokyo, March 2018..
3. Kenji IWATA, ‘Globalisation and Exchange Rate System’, ‘Monetary Integration within the EU’, in T. Kamikawa, S. Fujita eds., Contemporary International Finance, fourth edition, Yuhikaku, Tokyo, October 2012, pp.253-276, 344-365..
4. Kenji IWATA, ‘Globalizatio and the EU’, in S.TANAKA, K.IWATA eds., Contemporary International Finance, Yuhikaku, Tokyo, February 2008, pp.101-136..
5. Kenji IWATA ed., Euro and the Financial System within the EU, Nihon Keizai Hyoron-sha, Tokyo, February 2003..
6. Kenji IWATA, Financial Integration within Europe- From the EEC to the Completion of the Internal Market, Nihon Keizai Hyoron-sha, Tokyo, March 1996..
1. Editor of Chapter Ⅳ, Dictionary of Securities, Kinzai, Tokyo, 2017..
1. The EU Financial System under the Global Financial Crisis, in EU Studies in Japan, Vol.30, April 2010, pp.39-65..
2. Why did the crisis actualized in Europe? Some issues on financial institutions, regulation and supervision of the EU, in World Economic Review, Vol.53, No.3, March 2009, pp.33-45..
3. International Currency in the Age of Globalisation and Regional Integration; A Tentative Theory.
4. Kenji IWATA, 'EU Financial and Monetary Integration and Credit Theory--Organized Capitalism, Long Waves of Capitalism Development and Economic Integration', in Annals of Japan Society for the Study of Credit Theory, Vol. 20, May 2002, pp.49-65..
5. Kenji IWATA, ‘The Economic and Monetary Union of the EU and the Equity Markets; A New Stage for the Integration of the Stock Exchanges’, in Annals of Society for the Economic Studies of Securities, No. 34, May 1999, pp.9-27..
1. Read a paper as a panelist titled 'Capital Markets Union in the EU' at the 86th Annual Meeting of the Societies for the Economic Studies of Securities, held in June 2017 at Sapporo University, Hokkaido, Japan..
2. Read a paper as a panelist titled 'Development of EU Financial Regulation and Supervision' at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Societies for the Economic Studies of Securities, held in June 2012 at Kanto Gakuin University, Kanagawa, Japan..
3. Read a paper titled 'The EU Financial System Under the Global Financial Crisis' at the 30th Annual Meeting of The Japan Association of EU Studies, held in November 2009 at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan..
4. Read a paper titled 'Dollar and Euro' as a Panelist at the Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Monetary Economics, held in October 2008 at Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan..
5. Read a paper as a panelist titled 'Re-organization of Exchanges- A European Perspective' at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Societies for the Economic Studies of Securities, held in June 2007 at Chiba University of Commerce, Chiba, Japan..
Membership in Academic Society
  • The European Union Studies Association - Japan
  • Society for the Economic Studies of Securities
  • The Japan Society of International Economics
  • Japan Society of Political Economy
Educational Activities
【Faculty(Post Graduate)】From 2003 on, in the lecture titled `Advanced International Finance', `standardized' contents of International Finance, including international macro economics, are taught, with some emphasis on our original contents concerning international currency. Educations for students from Asian countries are also considered as an important elements of our Department.
【School(Under Graduate)】From 2003 on, in the lecture titled `International Economics' and 'International Finance', `standardized' contents of International Finance, including international macro economics, are taught, with some emphasis on international currency.
【KIKAN Education】 In charge of such lectures as Introduction to Economics, Academic English 3, Fundamentals of the European Union.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2017.07, Special Lecture on ‘Future of EU Economy’, at EU Golden Week Seminar, Fukuoka, Japan..
  • 2017.02, Special Lecture on ‘EU Economy and its Challenges’ at 25th Anniversary Commemorative Speech Series, Bang College of Business, KIMEP, Almaty, Kazakhstan..
  • 2003.04, Special Lecture on ‘The Japanese Banking Crisis and Its Resolution――A Comparative Point of View’, at Westminster College, Saltlake City, U.S.A..
Professional and Outreach Activities
【Committee Members of the Government Body】
November 1999-May 2000; Committee members of the `Study Group of the Asian Trade and Finance' of the MITI (Ministry of Trade and Industry) of Japan.
【Japan Securities Research Institute (Tokyo)】
From July 2007; Visiting Fellow (Member of Studying Group of European Securities Market).
September 1991-July 2001; Member of several studying groups on European Securities Markets.
【Fukuoka Stock Exchange】
In 2003; Made lectures at some sub-committees of the `Committee for Activating the Fukuoka Stock Exchange'
【Fukuoka American Center】
March 2002; Panelist for TV discussion with Mr. L. William Seidman (1985-91 Chairman of the FDIC, 1989-91 Chairman of the RTC, Presently Chief Commentator of CNBC-TV) on the `Lessons in Removing Bank Bad Debts and its Disposal'.
September 2003; Moderator of the Lecture of Professor Dr. Joe Peek(University of Kentucky) titled `Japanese Banking Problems: Implications for Japan and for Southeast Asia'.
【Fukuoka Prefecture】
From 2001 on: Lecturer for the Personnel Training Center of Fukuoka Prefecture.
【Open Lecture in the Fukuoka Region】
July 1999; Panelist for the Japan Europe Symposium “Euro and Europe Today".
October 1999; Lecturer of the Open Lecture held jointly by Kyushu University and the City of Kitakyushu.
August 2001; Lecturer of the Open Lecture held jointly by Kyushu University..