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Jun Fukai Last modified date:2023.05.24

Professor / Product system engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Department of Chemical Engineering .
Global COE "Novel Carbon Resource Sciences" .
Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources, Kyushu University .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Bachelor Master Doctor
Field of Specialization
Transport Phenomena, Heat Transfer, Thermal Energy Storage, Efficient use of energy, Numerical Simulation
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Outline Activities
1. Interfacial Transport Phenomena
a) Control of thin films formed using inkjet technique
b) Development of source code of heat transfer, mass transfer and fluid dynamics in fluids with deforming free surface

2. Storage and transport of thermal energy
a) Heat transfer enhancement using nano-scale materils
b) Heat transfer enhancement of thermal energy equipment

3. Others
a) Ignition of biomass resources
Research Interests
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of hydrogen under high pressure and high temperature
    keyword : hydrogen, thermal conductivity
    2007.04~2013.03Measurement of thermal conductivity of hydrogen under high pressure and high temperature.
  • Thin film formation using Inkjet method
    keyword : inkjet, thin film
    2002.04Formation of thin films using injet printing.
  • Storage and transportation of thermal energy
    keyword : transport phenomena, heat transfer, energy consevation, unused enegy, numerical simulation
    1995.04Storage and Transport of Thermal Energy * Development of latent heat thermal energy storage system (EPAC) using high thermal conductive carbon fibers as additive * Thermal conductivity enhancement in packed beds of particles with chemical reaction.
  • Interfacial Transport phenomena
    keyword : transport phenomena, heat transfer, numerical simulation
    1991.04Interfacial Transport Phenomena * Development of source code of heat transfer, mass transfer and fluid dynamics in fluids with deforming free surface * Transport phenomena in multicomponent fluids accompanying with evaporation * Collision dynamics and mass transfer of binary liquid droplets.
  • Rapid solidification of molten metal droplets impinging on a flat surface
    keyword : transport phenomena, heat transfer, numerical simulation
    1991.04~2005.03Rapid solidification * Control of microstructure of binary alloy on incremental solidification techniques * Solidification of a molten metal droplet colliding with substrates.
Academic Activities
1. Masayuki KANEDA, Hirotaka ISHIZUKA, Yousuke SAKAI, Jun FUKAI, Shigekazu YASUTAKE and Atsushi TAKAHARA, Film formation from polymer solution using inkjet printing method, AIChE J., Vol.53, No.5, pp.1100-1108, 2007.05.
2. Jun FUKAI, Hirotaka ISHIZUKA, Yosuke SAKAI, Masayuki KANEDA, Masamichi MORITA and Atsushi TAKAHARA, Effects of Droplet Size and Solute Concentration on Drying Process of Polymer Solution Droplets Deposited on Homogeneous Surfaces, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.49, No.19-20, 3561-3567(2006), 2006.09.
3. Jun FUKAI and Teiichi ANDO, Microstructure Development in Alloy Splats during Rapid Solidification, Materials Science & Engineering A, 10.1016/msea.2004.02.047, 383, 1, 175-183, Vol. 383, No.1, pp. 175-183, 2004.10.
4. Jun FUKAI, Yuichi HAMADA, Yoshio MOROZUMI and Osamu MIYATAKE, Improvement of Thermal Characteristics of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Units Using Carbon-Fiber Brushes: Experiments and Modeling, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 10.1016/S0017-9310(03)00290-4, 46, 23, 4513-4525, Vol. 46, No. 23 pp. 4513-4525, 2003.11.
5. Yuichi HAMADA, Wataru OHTSU and Jun FUKAI, Thermal response in thermal energy storage material around heat transfer tubes: Effect of additives on heat transfer rates, Solar Energy, 10.1016/j.solener.2003.07.028, 75, 4, 317-328, Vol. 75, No.4, pp 317-328, 2003.10.
6. Numerical Simulation of Gas Absorption Enhancement Caused by Collision of Binary Droplets
7. Combustion Characteristics in Fluidized-Bed Furnace for Power Generation System Using Livestock Wastes
8. Jun FUKAI,Makoto KANOU,Yoshikazu KODAMA,Osamu MIYATAKE, Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Energy Storage Media Using Carbon Fibers, Energy Conversion & Management, 10.1016/S0196-8904(99)00166-1, 41, 14, 1543-1556, Vol. 41,No. 14,pp.1543〜1556, 2000.05.
9. Jun FUKAI,Masaharu ETOU,Fumio ASANOMA,Osamu MIYATAKE, Dynamic Contact Angles of Water Droplets Sliding on Inclined Hot Surfaces, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 10.1252/jcej.33.177, 33, 1, 177-179, Vol. 33,No.1,pp.177〜179, 2000.02.
10. J. FUKAI,H. ORITA,X. YU,I. ISOKAWA,O. MIYATAKE, Heating Patterns during Carbonization of Formed Mixtures of Coke and Pitch, Fuel, 10.1016/0016-2361(96)00033-6, 75, 7, 809-815, Vol.75,No.7,pp.809〜815, 1996.01.
11. J. FUKAI,Y. SHIIBA,T. YAMAMOTO,O. MIYATAKE,D. POULIKAKOS,C. M. MEGARIDIS,Z. ZHAO, Wetting Effects on the Spreading of a Liquid Droplet Colliding with a Flat Surface: Experiment and Modeling, Phys. Fluids A, 10.1063/1.868622, 7, 2, 236-247, Vol.7,No.2,pp.236〜247, 1995.02.
12. Effects of Produced Coke Fissures and Volatilized Gas Flow on the Heat Transfer in the Coka Oven.
  • Generation systems of high-temperature vapor from waste heat in industries
  • Frontier Award for Fluid & Particle Processing Division , the Society of Chemical Engineering, Japan.
Educational Activities
* Lectures for graduate students
- Systems thermal engineering
- Energy saving engineering

* Lectures for undergraduate students
- Fundamental thermal engineering
- Thermal engineering for chemical engineers