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Yoshiaki Furuya Last modified date:2021.07.21

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
Ph.D., MA in Sociology
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Cultural Anthropology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Anthropological research on the following topics:
1) Cultures and Societies in Brazilian Amazonia
2) Re-imagining Anthropology of Materiality, focusing archaeological and ethnographical artifacts
3) The Materiality of Prehistoric culutres in Contemporary World
4) The Relation between Prehistoric culutres and Contemporary art. focusing Japanese Jomon Culutre
5) Re-theorizing modernity and hybridity, focusing Latin-American societies
6) The relation between culture and art
Research Interests
  • Anthropological study on the utilization of contemporary art for the understanding of prehistoric cultures and the utilization of prehistoric cultures for the production of contemporary art works
    keyword : contemporary art, prehistoric cultues
  • Anthropology of Materiality
    keyword : materiality, physicality, sensuosity, tactility, ontology
  • Negotiation between local residentns, archaeology, and anthropology, with regard to the revival movements of prehistoric pottery in Brazilian Amazon and the Southwest of the United States.
    keyword : pottery, prehistoric pottery, Amazon, North American Southwest, archaeology
Academic Activities
1. Anthropology of Materiality: The World is is the flow of matter.
2. Possession and Discourse: Afro-Amazonian Religions of Possession.
3. Hybrid Modernities and Anthropology: From Latin-American Contact Zones.
1. The Contemporary period / Art / Jomon: Putting the Jomon Contemporary Exhibitions in Perspective.
1. Toward an Anthropology of Materiality.
2. The Life History of Pots: Potsherds, Replicas, and Tactility.
3. Uma etnografia nao-reconhecida: A Cidade das Mulheres, de Ruth Landes.
4. Discourse of Brave Development.
5. Hybrid Modernities and Anthropology.
1. Yoshiaki Furuya, Inheriting the Prehistoric Past, Artistically: Two Case Studies, IUAES 2014, 2014.05.
2. The Pottery in Amazonia: Between Archaeology and Globalization.
3. Neo-Marajoara: Modernism of Amazonian Prehistoric Pottery.
4. Cultural Continuity through Relay: Pottery making in the Hopi and the Marajo Island. .
5. Negotiating Tradition and Modernity in Amazonian Pottery.
6. Japanese Anthropologists and Brazilian Anthropology.
7. The possibility of the Space of Art: Practice of Translation and Negotiation.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
  • Japan Association for Latin American Studies
  • American Anthropological Association
  • American Ethnological Society
  • Society for Cultural Anthropology
  • Society for Latin American Anthropology
Educational Activities
Graduate seminars (Cultural Anthropology and other related topics)
Undergraduate Courses (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)