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Akira Babazono Last modified date:2022.12.28

Professor / Department of Health Care Administration and Management
Department of Basic Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Medical Science, ,Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Bachelor Master Doctor
Field of Specialization
Health care administration and management, Health policy, Clinical epidemiology, Health promotion
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
I teach health policy, health care marketing, and healthcare organizing. I am interested in research to make healthcare system better and sustainable. I have studied Japanese healthcare system, technology assessment, and health promotion. I believes Japanese healthcare system is robust. It is because the government mandate employers to insure employees and their dependents. People not covered by Employee Health insurance are compulsory insured by National Health Insurance. The health care system can be evaluated by access, cost and quality. Japan has a universal health care system controlled by Ministry of Health care system. Japan has succeeded in containing health care costs. We use a global budgeting system. The government decides fee schedule for every health care services. They decide it after they set health care cost every two years. Although we have a serious problem in access and costs, we have many problems in quality. We have three times beds as much as the US has per one thousand people, while we have one-third doctors and nurses per beds as much as the US has. The Government has given incentives to develop quality improvement program including risk management, hospital infection management, and qualified referral system. I have contributed to health care policies of Fukuoka prefecture to be responsible for committee of Health Care System for the Elderly, committee of Health Care Cost Control in Fukuoka Prefecture, and committee of Disease Prevention.
Research Interests
  • Post-marketing pharmaco-epidemiologic study among the elderly by electric claim data
    keyword : electric claim data, post-marketing epidemiologic study
  • The relationship of adherance, helathcare utilization with blood glucose level among diabetic patients by claim data analyses
    keyword : diabetes mekkitusu, adherance, disease management, claim data analysis
  • Disease Management of Diabetes Mellitus with the Use of the Data of Health Examination and Health Care Claims
    keyword : Diabetes Mellitus, Disease Management, Health Examination, Health Care Claims, Health Care Cost
  • The Development of Health Care Plan with the Usage of the Data of Health Care Claims and DPC
    keyword : health care costs, health care claims, DPC, health care plan
  • Education Program to Improve the Capacity to Solve Problems on Health Care Administration and Management
    keyword : health care administration and management, problem solution, health policy, communication
  • The Development and the Evaluation of Business Model to Transform Long-term Care Facilities
    keyword : long-term care facilities, health care reform, long-term care innsurance, CCRC
    2006.04~2012.03The study on marketing and management of hospitals for elderly to overcome hardships caused by health care reform.
Current and Past Project
  • The estimation of incidence or prevalence of diseases in Fukuoka Prefecture by the usage of helth care claim data
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Health Promotion
Educational Activities
I am responsible for lectures on health policy, healthcare marketing, healthcare organization, and seminars on healthcare administration at master course for healthcare administrationo and management. In addition, I give lectures on health economics and health care security for undergraduate students and epidemiology for doctor students.
Professional and Outreach Activities
As a society activity, I have contributed to academic societies, health policy planning, health care services and occupational health activities. I served as a councilor and an editor in chief of "Japanese Journal of Health Promotion", a member of editorial board of "Education and Medicine", a member of council of Japan Society for Occupational Health. In addition, I am working as an advisor on the health care services for the Fukuoka Prefecture National Health Insurance Federation and a director of Health Promotion Model Program financed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare..