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Tadashi Ogishima Last modified date:2021.04.18

Associate Professor / organic and biological chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Sciences

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Dr. Sciences
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Outline Activities
Localsteridogensis and its funcions

Mechanisms and Functions of Proteolysis

Tissue-specific Synthesis of Steroids

Localization and Degradation of Membrane Proteins

New Functions of Membrane Proteins
Degradation of Mitochondrial Proteins

Education of Fundamental and Advanced Biochemistry

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Research Interests
  • Biosynthesis of non-sytemic steroid hormones and their functions
    keyword : steroids, endocrine, paracrine, cytochrome P450
    2000.05Biosynthesis of local steroid hormones and their function.
  • Functional Analysis for Cytochrome b5 and related heme prot
    keyword : Cytochrome b5, Outer mitochondrimal membrane
    2002.04Functional Analysis for Cytochrome b5 and related heme proteins..
  • Degradation Mechanism of Mitochondrial Proteins.
    keyword : proteolysis, heme synthesis, degrdation of mitochondrial proteins
    2000.04Degradation Mechanism of Mitochondrial Proteins with Short-lives.
Academic Activities
1. Assay methods for enzymes involved in cholesterol methabolism..
2. 11-hydroxylase.
3. K. Okuda, T. Ogishima, ang M. Noshiro, Cholesterol 7alpha-Hydroxylase and 12alpha-Hydroxylase., Springer-Verlag, Berlin, in Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (J.B. Schenkman and H. Greim eds.), Vol. 105, pp. 601-610,, 1993.10.
4. Processing for mitochondrila proteins..
1. Effects of Endocrine Disrupters on Steroido Metabolism..
2. Processing of Mitochondrial Proteins..
3. A. Ito, T. Ogishima, T., S. Kitada, K. Shimokata, M-C. Song, and K. Moriwaki., Recognition of Precursor Proteins by the Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase., Proteolysis in Cell Function, IOS Press, Amsterdam, vol. 13, pp. 332-339, 1997.11.
4. K. Okuda, T. Ogishima, ang M. Noshiro, Cholesterol 7alpha-Hydroxylase and 12alpha-Hydroxylase., Springer-Verlag, Vol. 105, pp. 601-610, 1993.06.
1. Tadashi Ogishima, Andrea Vecchiola, Carlos F Lagos, Cristóbal A Fuentes, Fidel Allende, Carmen Campino, Carolina Valdivia, Alejandra Tapia-Castillo, Kuniaki Mukai, Gareth Owen, Sandra Solari, Cristian A Carvajal, Carlos E Fardella, Different effects of progesterone and estradiol on chimeric and wild type aldosterone synthase in vitro, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 10.1186/1477-7827-11-76, 76, 1-11, 2013, 11:76, 2013.08, Our results show an inhibitory action of progesterone in the aldosterone synthesis by chimeric or wild type aldosterone synthase enzymes. This is a novel regulatory mechanism of progesterone action, which could be involved in protecting pregnant women with FH-1 against hypertension. In vitro, both enzymes showed comparable kinetic parameters, but ASWT was more strongly inhibited than ASCE..
2. Nishimoto,K., Nakagawa, K., Li, D., Kosaka, T., Oya, M., Mikami, S., Shibata, H., Itoh, H., Mitani, F., Yamazaki, T., Ogishima , T., Suematsu, M., & Mukai, M, Adrenocortical Zonation in Humans under Normal and Pathologic Conditions., J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab, 95, 2296 - 2305, 2010.08.
3. Ogishima, T., Mitani, F., & Suematsu, M. , Cytochrome P-45017alpha in beta-cells of Rat Pancreas and its Local Steroidogenesis.
. , J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol. , 110, in press
, 2008.07.
4. Yoshino, K., Munakata, H., Kuge, O., Ito, A., & Ogishima, T. , Heme-regulated Degradation of delta-Aminolevulinate Synthase 1 in Rat Liver Mitochondria.
, J. Biochem, 142, 453-467, 2007.09.
5. Nishino, T., Kitano, K., Kojima, K., Ogishima, T., Ito, A., and Kitada, S. , Spatial orientation of mitochondrial processing peptidase and a preproteinrevealed by fluorescencer esonance energy transfer., J. Biochem., 2007.06.
6. Fumiko Mitani, Tadashi Ogishima, Kuniaki Mukai and Makoto Suematsu, Ascorbate Stimulates Monooxygenase-dependent Steroidogenesis in Adrenal Zona Glomerulosa., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 10.1016/j.bbrc.2005.08.156, 338, 1, 483-490, 338, Issue 1, 2005.12.
7. Ogishima, T., Kinoshita, J., Mitani, F., Suematsu, M., & Ito, A., Identification of Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Cytochrome b5 as a Modulator for Androgen Synthesis in Leydig Cells., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 10.1074/jbc.M301698200, 278, 23, 21204-21211, 278, 21202-21211, 2003, 2003.07.
8. Kojima, K., Yamazaki, E., Kitada, S., Ogishima, T., & Ito, A., Recognition of Mitochondrial Protein Precursor Lacking Arginine at Position -2 by Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase., Journal of Biochemistry, 130, 4, 497-502, 130, 497-502, 2001, 2001.03.
9. Kojima, K., Kitada, S., Ogishima, T., & Ito, A.:, A Proposed Common Structure of Substrates Bound to Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase., Journal of Biological Chemistry, 10.1074/jbc.M003111200, 276, 3, 2115-2121, 276, 2115-2121, 2001, 2001.07.
10. Ogishima, T., Niidome, T., Shimokata, K., Kitada, S., & Ito, A.:, Analysis of Elements in the Substrate Required for Processing by Mitochondrial Processing Peptidase., J. Biol. Chem., 270, 51, 30322-30326, 270, 30322-30326, 1995.09.
1. Steroidogenesis and its physiological roles in pancreatic beta-cells..
2. Non-systemic steroids appeared to be synthesized in response to stress on pancreatic beta cells. Some of them effectively moderated the fatal effects of stress-inducible reagents..
3. Synthesis of non-systemic steroids involved in stress-response of pancreatic beta cells..
4. Nonsystemic steroids involved in functional maintenance of pancreatic beta cells.
5. Biosynethesis and Functions of Pancreatic localsteroids.
6. Localsteroidogenesis in pancreatic beta-cells.
7. Expression of steroidogenic enzymes in islets of Langerhans of the model rats for type 2 diabetes.
8. Expression of CYP17a in adrenal glands of the model rats for type 2 diabetes.
9. Steroidogenesis in pancreatic beta-cells..
10. Localization of Cytochrome P450 and local steroidogenesis in pancreatic beta-cells..
11. Analyses for Synthesis and Functions of Localsteroids in Pancreatic beta-cells.
12. Androgen synthesis in Pancreatic beta-cells.
13. Steroidogenic Cytochrome P-450’s in Pancreatic Beta-cells and their Local Steroidogenesis., [URL].
14. Functions of Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Cytochrome b (OMb) in Biosynthesis of Bioactive Lipids.
16. Novel Physiological Roles of Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Cytochrome b in Brain and Peripheral Glands..
17. Is Outer Mitochondrial Membrane Cytochrome (OMb) a Genuine Electron-donor for Desaturase and Activator for Steroidogenesis?.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Endocrine Society
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