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Narahiko Inoue Last modified date:2022.07.12

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Kyushu Debate Education
(Debate related activities in the Faculty of Languages & Cultures, Kyushu University) .
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Academic Degree
Ph.D. (Linguistics) (University of Hawai'i, USA)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Doctor
Field of Specialization
Argumentation and Debate
ORCID(Open Researcher and Contributor ID)
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
My main research interest is in argumentation and debate, especially features of argumentative communication and educational effects of debating.
My graduate-level educational work includes teaching courses and supervising MA & PhD students in such areas as Argumentation & Debate (Education) and Speech Communication. My undergraduate-level teaching activities include (1) teaching courses and supervising students in the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation and (2) teaching English and debate-related courses in KIKAN general education. In teaching English, I try to improve students' communication skills using debating, public speaking, writing research papers, and pair/group speaking activities.
Since 2020, many of the activities have moved to online or hybrid (campus+online) environments.

My professional activities outside the university are mainly in the area of promoting debate education both in Japanese and English, serving as tournament directors and workshop speakers as well as writing introductory teaching materials.
Research Interests
  • Computer-Mediated Debate
    keyword : Argumentation, Debate, Computer-mediated communication, Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity
  • critical thinking
    keyword : debate,critical thinking, active learning, argumentation education
  • Comprehensive Research on Academic Debate
    keyword : debate, communication, critical thinking, argumentation education
  • Use of academic debate in teaching Japanese
    keyword : debate, teaching Japanese, Taiwan, academic Japanese
    2006.04Research in academic debate in Japanese as a foreign language.
  • Analysis of discourse/rhetorical/logical structures of arguments in debate
    keyword : debate, argument, discourse, rhetoric, logic
    2005.04Analysis of Discourse and Logical Structures of Arguments in Debate.
  • Comparative analysis of teaching methods of debating in English
    keyword : teaching English, debate
    2004.10Comparing different styles of debate training in teaching English.
  • Measuring effects of debate training
    keyword : debate, critical thinking, argumentation education, measuring effects
    2002.04Measuring Training Effects of Academic Debate on Participants.
Current and Past Project
  • Development of An Active-Learning App to Improve Critical Thinking
  • Developing a model to visualize arguments to measure interactive argumentation skills.
  • Basic Research for the Development of Interactive Teaching Materials of Argumentation Education
  • Re-examining Toulmin Model of Arguments and Measuring the Effects of a New Argument Model: From Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Argumentation Education
  • Developing English language teaching materials concerning bioethics, together with hosting lectures and debate tournaments.
  • Academic Debate in Japanese in Taiwan
Academic Activities
1. 井上 奈良彦, Kyushu Debate Education, 九州大学(言語文化研究院、附属図書館付設教材開発センター), 2018.06, [URL], ホームページやビデオ公開サイトを通じてディベート講座や試合のビデオ、教材などを公開している。
Kyushu Debate Educationの説明
「ディベート −世界で議論できる人材を養成する−ディベートの本質は対立ではありません。むしろ参加者が協力して健全な議論と批判を通してよりよい答えを見つけ伝えていくことにあります。これを広くは、議論法(Argumentation)と呼びます。教育ディベートは、議論法を身につけるための効果的な訓練であり、問題を分析し、答えを探し、聴衆に伝え、批判に答える、力を養成します。」.
Works, Software and Database
1. .
1. 井上奈良彦, Online Debate: From the Past to Some Futures, 第8回ディベート教育国際研究会大会, 2022.03, This paper reviews some of the past experiences of online competitive debating and explore some possible futures. It is broadly concerned about how technology interacts with the debating venue and formats of debate. It is more specifically concerned about the history of online debating including email debate, debate on paper (physical and electronic), debate on video conference systems, and debate in virtual reality. The paper will argue: (1) almost all debates are mediated/aided by technology (from pencil/paper to AI) to different degrees; (2) online debating may overcome many of the physical constraints in debating; but (3) online debating cannot and should not overcome "time" constraints..
2. Perspectives on Debate Education and Research.
Membership in Academic Society
  • International Society for Teaching Debate
  • Japan Association of College English Teachers
  • Japan Debate Association
  • Japan Communication Association
  • American Forensic Association
  • National Communication Association
Educational Activities
My current teaching responsibilities include: (1) School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, (2) Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, and
(3) KIKAN General Education (English and Debating-related courses).
Other Educational Activities
  • 2021.07, At the workshop for high-school debate workshop to study the HEnDA national topic sponsored by the Fukuoka Prefectural High School English Teachers' Association, I gave a lecture on argumentation and some Kyushu University students gave lectures and help the participants (highs school teachers and students) analyze the national debate topic (Resolved: That the Japanese Government should relocate the capital functions out of Tokyo.)..
  • 2020.04, I have been making various efforts to incorporate students' extra-curricular activities into "co-curricular" activities, especially various debating activities. In 2020, students' participation in a TOEIC program offered by the career-support section of the university was also made a co-curricular activity in which students can earn a university credit. I have been participating in designing and operating TOEIC programs at Kyushu University for a long time as a faculty coordinator. In 2020, we faced a new challenge of offerring the program entirely online. The combination of the Moodle and Zoom has overcome the difficulties..
  • 2019.10, "Introduction to Debating"--invited lecture for high-school students at Munakata High School on October 5th, 2019..
  • 2018.12, Introduction to the documentary movie "The Debate Team" as part of the Faculty of Languages & Cultures' Foreign Language Week at Ito Campus, Kyushu University..
  • 2018.02, "Introduction to Debate and Argumentation" -- Video lecture for the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) on February 16th, 2018..
  • 2015.08, International Debate in Japanese.
  • 2015.08, Intensive Course on Policy Debate in English.
  • 2015.06, Intensive Course on British Parliamentary Debate.
  • 2014.03, Intensive Course on Policy Debate in English.
  • 2014.07, Intensive Course on British Parliamentary Debate.
  • 2014.08, International Debate in Japanese.
  • 2010.06, As a project team leader of the Kyushu University Educational Enhancement Program (EEP) "Foreign Language Education Using Presentation Contests", I have been coordinating such tasks as creating teaching materials, sponsoring multilingual presentation contests, and faculty development workshops..
  • 2010.01, I coordinated a general education course "Intensive Training in English Debating" by inviting lecturers from the US and Slovenia. Part of the classes were open to public..
  • 2009.06, As a project team leader of the Kyushu University Educational Enhancement Program (EEP) "Foreign Language Education Using Presentation Contests", I have been coordinating such tasks as creating teaching materials, sponsoring multilingual presentation contests, and faculty development workshops..
  • 2009.03, I planned and managed an international bioethics debate workshop and tournament at Kyushu University inviting domestic and overseas debaters and debate educators, where they exchanged their views about the legalization of euthanasia. The workshop also presented a model for an international liberal arts course in a week-long period..
  • 2008.03, I planned and managed an international bioethics debate tournament at Kyushu University inviting domestic and overseas debaters, debate educators, and medical experts, where they exchanged their views about the legalization of euthanasia..
  • 2008.04, I sent a debate team (Kyushu University Debating Club) to Taiwan to have several exchange debates with its university students as well as a demonstration debate with Japanese teachers there. The resolution of those debates was that of Taiwan's national intercollegiate Japanese debate tournament, which was about Taiwan's policy concerning foreign workers..
  • 2006.09, Teaching academic debate in Japanese as a foreign language in universities in Taiwan--for students and teachers.
Professional and Outreach Activities
My activities outside the university includes: (1) fulfilling various duties in academic organizations related to Communication and Teaching English, such as editing journal and reviewing papers; (2) serving as an instructor/lecturer in in-service training for English teachers especially in the area of communication skills and debating; and (3) serving as a tournament director and a judge in debating tournaments for students and non-students. I have also inviting overseas debaters and debate coaches to Kyushu University to organize exchange debates and workshops, open to students in Kyushu University and to the community.
Since 2005, I have been giving advice to the organizing committee of a Japanese-language (JFL) intercollegiate debating tournament in Taiwan. In April 2008, I sent a team from Kyushu University Debating Club to have exchange debates.
In March 2008 and 2009, I hosted an international bioethics debate tournament at Kyushu University.
In August 2013, I hosted the first International Japanese Debate Workshop/Tournament/Symposium at Kyushu University; the participants were from Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan.
In March - August 2019, I was hosting a Fulbright Lecturer and developing course syllabi for graduate and undergraduate levels.
Since 2013, I have hosted Policy Debate Workshop/Tournament/FD in English at Kyushu University; the participants were from the US, China, the Philippines, Thailand, the UK, and Japan.
In March 2015, I founded the International Society for Teaching Debate (ISTD) that holds academic conferences and issues a peer-reviewed journal.
Since 2020, I have actively participated in online activities. In 2021, the international debate workshop adopted a COIL scheme to give students from Kyushu University and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (Taiwan) their respective university's credit..