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I am majoring in Japanese early modern history.I have been engaged in research of three fields.The first, it is research on social structure.The second is research on a samurai.The third is research on a foreign view and a self-image.Graduate school education and basic education have also followed these 3 field.I am also performing social activities about history, such as a lecture and a school.
Research Interests
  • Analyze the history of disability in an interdisciplinary way. Integrate various results to create an image of disability.
    keyword : disability、history 、Integrated research of results obtained by interdisciplinary methods
  • I clarify the actual situation of the person with a disability. In addition, I compare the person with a disability with the existence form of other minority.
    keyword : Discrimination and the welfare
  • Study on archives and social groups in Early Modern Japan
    keyword : Social group、Written record
  • Basic research of relation between political consciousness and welfare idea in Japan
    keyword : political consciousness      welfare idea
  • The study on image of the samurai in conjunction with morality and the political awareness in the Japanese early modern times
    keyword : A samurai Political awareness Morality
  • Research that considers the samurai's deification while making folk customs and race's problems assumption
    keyword : Deification、Folk customs、Race
    2001.01~2005.01Research on The samurai who became folk-customs-God, racial God.
Academic Activities
1. Religious chapter 1 of historical materials at the early modern age of Saga Prefecture.
2. Research on the historical character of tha Han.
3. The way of the political rule of a samurai in early modern society.
4. The vassal team and feudal-lord system in early modern times.
1. NOJIRI Yasuhiro、Ruling Structure and Han’s Territory in Early Modern Japan.
2. Book Review :  KASAYA Kazuhiko , Root and Development of the Government of the Military Class.
3. The Historical materials study about relations with A samurai image
and morality and the political awareness in early modern times Japan
4. Sociality of life  Symposium participation record.
5. Bibliography of religious chapter 1 of historical materials at the early modern age of Saga Prefecture.
6. Research on The samurai who became folk-customs-God, racial God.
1. The purpose of this paper is the precipitation of recognition of disability in pre-modern times. The subject of analysis is a diary from the Edo period, including articles on illness. In the Edo period, interest in health and illness increased, and against this background, information on family illnesses is described. I think that there is a possibility to find out the recognition about disability in it.The subject of analysis is a diary written by a Confucian scholar of the Hiroshima Domain (広島藩)and his wife. Confucian scholars are vassals of their lords and value the survival of their family.Therefore, the ability of the person to continue the family is an important issue. A person who behaves abnormally and is recorded in the diary as a madman is considered incapable of inheriting a family line. Such persons were considered disabled.
In this paper, we consider such a problem by focusing on Rai Sanyo(頼山陽), a child of Rai Shunsui(頼春水).
2. State,Society and People with Disabilities in Early Modern Japan .
3. Study on the actual life of disabled people
:An Attempt to Analyze the Actual Conditions of Regional Historical Materials Nobuharu TAKANO(kyusyuu  University)

This paper clarifies the situation of disabled people in early modern Japan. At that time, we analyze the regional historical materials. These are records created by town officials. This method has not been tried before. However, in order to know the actual situation of persons with disabilities, this is a very effective method. First, in this paper, we read the conflicts of persons with disabilities at home from historical sources. Second, we analyze the actual life of disabled people who have left home. The analysis target is the Tanabe area of the Wakayama Domain..
4. A Consideration on Finance of the Lords in the Early Modern Ages.
5. The Infleence of Kaibara’s Thoughts on Military Power.
6. Locally deified samurai.
7. Samuri’s deification in fork customs and sharing of legend.
Works, Software and Database
1. .
2. Listings of deified Samurai :part1 east japan erea.
3. Listings of deified Samurai :part2 west japan erea.
2. Relation between lord rule and the administration at the early modern age.
Educational Activities
I take charge of three graduate education.The education about the methodology of Japanese modern history research is performed there.
Professional and Outreach Activities
I performed editing and a lecture of the history book by a request from the local government.The local government where I was related to till now is Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Fukuoka-shi, Ogoori-shi, Saga-shi, Katsuyamacho..