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Kiyoshi Adachi Last modified date:2022.06.05

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Academic Degree
Master of Sociology
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Sociology, Sociology on Social Welfare
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Reseach on Voluntary sector in Japan, Voluntary activities in Hospitals, Nonprofit Orgnizations regarding Social Welfare and Long term care system
Research Interests
  • 21st Century "Imagined Community"-a Sociological imagination
    keyword : 21st Century "Imagined Community" , Sociological imagination, volunteering, non-profit,
  • Research on "paid volunteers"
    keyword : Paid volunteers, long-term care NPOs, non-profit organizations
  • How to overcome on the Aging society phobia
    keyword : super aged society, nonprofit,long-term care, social security
  • Why does "aging society pessimism" occur?
    keyword : "Aging society pessimism", aging, aging society, declining birthrate, time consciousness, eschatology, social security revenue source
  • Non Profit Organizations and Globalism
    keyword : Non Profit Organization, Non Profit Sector
  • roles and functions of Care Nonprofits in Japan
    keyword : care nonprofit, NPO
    2001.04~2004.03roles and functions of Care Nonprofits in Japan.
  • research on local & community identity from younger generation
    keyword : local identity, community identity
  • Roles and Functions of Hospital Volunteer Coordinators in Japan
    keyword : hospital volunteers, coordinators
    2003.04~2004.03Roles and Functions of Hospital Volunteer Coordinators in Japan.
  • Research on Reconstruction process on NPOs and Social Welfare Corporation under the Reform of Public Longterm Care Insurance
    keyword : NPO, Social Welfare Corporation, Reform of Public Longterm Care Insurance
  • Garapagos syndrome in care and social insurance of care in Japan
    keyword : Garapagos syndrome, care, social insurance, care worker
  • Social entrepreneur in Community social welfare
    keyword : social entrepreneur, community social welfare
  • Reserch on reasons of decline of fertillity rate in Kitakyusyu-city.
    keyword : refusal of marrige,late marrige, uncertain of caring of children
  • Reaserch on reasons of high turnover rate of Careworkers in Nursing Homes in Japan.
    keyword : Nursing Homes, high turnover rate, careworkers, burnout, support
  • International Care Workers from Indonesia
    keyword : Care Nursing Indonesia Nursing home Hospital Longterm
  • Imigration of Care workers from East Asian countries
    keyword : care nursing East Asia Longerm care
  • Sociological evaluation on Longterm Care Insurance revised
    keyword : Care Nusing evaluation daycare Longterm care
  • Baby Boomers, their social role and the support system- from the sociological viewpoint
    keyword : Comparative study ,baby boomers, NPO
    2005.04Baby Boomers, their social role and the support system- from the sociological viewpoint.
Current and Past Project
  • Sociological research on multi-generation co-creation projects for solving NORC issues
  • Sociological research on Kumamoto earthquwake
Academic Activities
1. The actual situation and problems of support for social welfare corporations by social welfare corporations in the Kumamoto earthquake: From an questionnaire survey of all the facilities that are members of the Fukuoka Prefectural Welfare Facility Council for the Kumamoto Prefecture.
2. Japanese Nonprofit Sector and Care Nonprofit.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese association of sociology
  • society of welfare socilogy
Educational Activities
graduate School
Social welfare study
Social welfare
Volunteer / NPO theory
Undergraduate education
Introduction to sociology
Lecture on community welfare sociology
Community welfare sociology exercise
Community Welfare Sociology Research Act
Social research training
Sociology exercise
Sociology Research Law
Other Educational Activities
  • 2019.05, The University of Tokyo Institute for Aging Society / Gerontology Special Lecture.
  • 2005.04.
  • 2018.06, The University of Tokyo Institute for Aging Society / Gerontology Special Lecture.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Environmental Organization Hakata Yumematsubara no Kai, vice president.