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Yasuyuki Kira Last modified date:2020.05.01

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Clinical Psychology
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Outline Activities
Yasuyuki Kira is engaged in researchs concerning the development of student support systems, student counseling and guidance methods, developmental tasks of university students, and Focusing-oriented psychotherapy.
As a counselor of Center for Health Sciences and Counseling (CHC), he is engaged in the student counseling, and the studies on the developmental tasks of students.
His main research theme on the psychotherapy is to study on the manner of experience of the clients and therapists based on the Focusing-oriented psychotherapy. He presents a concept of "sense of autonomy", and the "Therapist Focusing" which is a new method for helping therapists by using Focusing.
Research Interests
  • A Study on the Therapist Focusing
    keyword : Therapist Focusing, Focusing
    2002.04Study on the Therapist Focusing.
  • A study on the development of methods for student counseling and supporting.
    keyword : student counseling, student, supporting learning
    1991.04Practical study on the counseling and guidance for students.
  • A study on the experiential psychotherapy.
    keyword : experiencing, sense of autonomy
    1991.04Practical and theoretical study on the experiential psychotherapy.
Academic Activities
1. Sense of autonomy and its activation: A development of experiential psychotherapy..
1. Typical Problems in Each Academic Year and Psycho-social Tasks in Student Life.
Educational Activities
Classes of general education: The KIKAN Education Seminar. (Previously, Psychology:psychological tasks in student life, A science of human relationships, Human relationships in social life, Introductory course of Focusing.)
Classes of graduate school of human-environment: Study on mental health, Study on relationship in psychotherapy, and Basic exercise 4 of clinical psychology. (Previously, Study on student counseling, Exercise 1 of clinical psychology, Basic exercise 1 of clinical psychology.)