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Osamu Ishida Last modified date:2022.07.01

Professor / Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economic Study and Business Administration, International Business Analysis
Department of International Economy and Business
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Economics
Field of Specialization
International Economics
Outline Activities
International economics
International Trade and Investment
Research Interests
  • Analysis of the Impact of Expansion of Digital Space on Multinational Enterprise Activities
    keyword : Digital space、Multinationals, intangible assets
  • Unpacking of resources of Multinationals and Unbundling of organization of Mulrtinationals
    keyword : Multinationals Unpacking Unbundling
  • Global Production System and Trade Structure
    keyword : Global Production System, Intermediate trade, Heterogeneity of firms
  • Asian reginal trade structure in the context of layered trade goods marke and comparative study of Asia regionl trade and EU reginal trade
    keyword : layered market, trade in intermediate goods, capital goods trade, Asia reginal trade, trade network, global production system
  • A research of international trade structure analyzed from the trend of the input-goods trade between Japan, the United States, and Asian nations
    keyword : itra-industry trade, captal goods trade, parts trade, vertical trade structure
    2002.04~2007.03trade in intermediate products among Asian countries.
Academic Activities
1. The transformation od production system ans the economic crisis: The U.S market oriented production system and the emerging market oriented production system.
2. A Study on Global Production System.
3. Structure of Japanese Intra-Industry Trade.
1. Global Production System and the Tansformation of Institutions and Economic Policy.
Educational Activities
International Economics, International Trade and Investment