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Osamu Ishida Last modified date:2019.05.30

Professor / Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economic Study and Business Administration, International Business Analysis
Department of International Economy and Business
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
Undergraduate School

Academic Degree
Doctor of Economics
Field of Specialization
International Economics
Outline Activities
International economics
International Trade and Investment
Research Interests
  • Unpacking of resources of Multinationals and Unbundling of organization of Mulrtinationals
    keyword : Multinationals Unpacking Unbundling
  • Global Production System and Trade Structure
    keyword : Global Production System, Intermediate trade, Heterogeneity of firms
  • Asian reginal trade structure in the context of layered trade goods marke and comparative study of Asia regionl trade and EU reginal trade
    keyword : layered market, trade in intermediate goods, capital goods trade, Asia reginal trade, trade network, global production system
  • A research of international trade structure analyzed from the trend of the input-goods trade between Japan, the United States, and Asian nations
    keyword : itra-industry trade, captal goods trade, parts trade, vertical trade structure
    2002.04~2007.03trade in intermediate products among Asian countries.
Academic Activities
1. The transformation od production system ans the economic crisis: The U.S market oriented production system and the emerging market oriented production system.
2. A Study on Global Production System.
3. Structure of Japanese Intra-Industry Trade.
1. Global Production System and the Tansformation of Institutions and Economic Policy.
Educational Activities
International Economics, International Trade and Investment