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Megumi Takata Last modified date:2021.04.19

Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management (Business School) / Department of Business and Technology Management / Faculty of Economics

1. Megumi Takata, Business Model Analysis of Hydrogen Energy (Chapter 41), Hydrogen Energy Engineering -A Japanese Perspective, Springer, Chapter 41, pp549-560, 2016.10, [URL], This chapter explores business model analysis for the hydrogen energy sector. Hydrogen energy businesses are characterized from an economical view- point, as a large-scale capital-intensive business sector dealing with a commodity where long-term perspectives and governmental support are needed. Case studies are then described using a business model for hydrogen infrastructure for FCVs..
2. Megumi Takata, Toru Tanigawa, Hiromi Sasaki, The Role and Impact of Universities in National and Regional Innovation System -Kyushu University Experience-, University Entrepreneurship in Asia -The Role and Impact of Universities in National and Regional Innovation System-, Edward Elgar Pub, 2012.01, Technology entrepreneurship has been on the rise in Asia. This timely book examines the phenomenon of academic entrepreneurship and technology commercialization among leading universities in Asia by presenting in-depth analysis of thirteen leading universities from nine Asian economies (e.g. Tokyo University in Japan, Tsinghua in China, IIT Mumbai in India, and the National University of Singapore). Written by scholars with deep institutional knowledge of the respective university, they provide an authoritative account of the distinctive features of academic entrepreneurship at these universities and offers insights on policy implications..