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Isao Murafuji Last modified date:2022.05.11

Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management
Department of Business and Technology Management
Faculty of Economics

Graduate School
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Homepage of Professor Murafuji as to "The Financial Restructuring of Japan" .
Academic Degree
Master of Business Administrations, Bacholor of Laws
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Yes Master
Field of Specialization
Corporate Finance
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research on M&A, corporate finance and consolidated financial management. Research on consolidated financial management of government, financial institution, corporate and home sectors. Publiched "Consolidated Financial Strategy(2000)"and "Financial Structuring of Japan(2004)" from Toyo Keizai. Published "Corporate Finance for Practical Application in Japan(2006)" and "The optimization of Business Portfolio(2010)"from Chuo Keizai. "The Secret of M&A Adviser(2008)"and "The Truth of Northeastern Asia" from Soseisha. Published "The Net Government(2015)" from Dobunkan. The Chairman of development committee of Regional CFO(2003) and the chairman of Financial Adviser Develoment Committee(2004), Member of Finance Committee, all sponsored by METI. Members of Government Restructuring committee and Financial System Restructuring committee(2003), Post Office Restructuring Commitee, Regional Government Restructuring Committee and Public Officers Restrucutring Committee(2004), Government Restructuring Committee, Regional Government Restructuring Committee, Fiscal and Tax System Restruturing Commitee and Social Welfare system Restructuring Committee(2005-2006) at Japan Association of Corporate Executives. Chairman of financial optimization comittees at Atami city, Kurume city, Itoshima city, Chikushino city, Dazaifu city and Ohnojo city. Privatization adviser at Kurume city and Itoshima city. Member of Program Contents Evaluation committee at Business Breakthrough Channel of SkyPerfecTV. Broadcasting BBIQ Morning Business School at KBC from the spring of 2006, at Cross FM from the spring of 2007 and at Fukuoka FM from April 2012 to present. Managing Professor of Business School from April 2009 to March 2011 and April 2017 to March 2019. Started and managed the executive program from 2010 to 2020 excluding 2012 when taking sabbatical in China and Korea. Visiting professor at KAIST Business School from May-Aug. 2012 and Northeastern University Business school from Sep.2012 to Feb. 2013. 
Research Interests
  • The Financial Analysis of The United States of America's National Accounts
    keyword : SNA
  • Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions
    keyword : Corporate Finance, M&A, Financial Restructuring, Valuation, Optimization of business portfolio, Optimization of capital structure
    1987.09~2020.03The valuation of various enterprises. The optimization of business portfolio and the optimization of capital structure..
  • Consolidated Financial Management
    keyword : Consolidated Financial Management, Consolidated Financial Strategy, Management consolidation, Consolidated division, allocation of capital structure
    1997.08~2020.12Research on the management alternatives of consolidated divisions which consists business portfolio of the privagte enterprises. How to allocate asset and liabilities, how to maximize enterprise values for each consolidated division and how to optimize capital structure for each consolidated division..
  • Financial restructuring of Japan
    keyword : Financial restructuring, System of national accounts, Financial restructuring of the government, Consolidated financial statements by ministry, financial restructuring of local governments
    1997.04~2020.12Analize system of national accounts of Japan by sector, identifify major issues and consider the possible alternatives to solve the issues. Focus on how to transfer a part of public service to private enterprises..
Current and Past Project
  • Research on financing alternatives for Japanese companies in East Asia
Academic Activities
1. The Optimization of Business Portfolio.
2. "Corporate Finance for Practical Application in Japan" written by Isao Murafuji and published by Chuo Keizai.
3. "Consolidated Financial Strategies", written by Isao Murafuji, published by Toyo Keizai.
4. "Financial Restructuring of Japan", written by Isao Murafuji, published by Tokyo Keizai.
1. Financial Restructuring of the Household Sector of Japan.
2. The Financial Restructuring of the Government Sector of Japan.
3. The Financial Restructuring of the Financial Institution sector of Japan.
4. The Fiancial Restructuring of Corporate Sector of Japan.
5. The Consolidated Financial Management and Performance Evaluation Standard based on Self-Responsibility Principle.
6. The Occurrence and the Collapse of Bubbles and the Influence on the Financial Statements of Japan.
Works, Software and Database
1. Financial Strategy model which can calculate the enterprise values of consolidated divisions of large private enterprises which need to optimize their business portfolio..
2. Adjusted Financial statements, including balance sheet, of 4 sectors of Japan made from SNA Data.Through analyzing these data, it becomes possible to identify major financial issues of Japan by each sector and consider strategic alternatives to solve the issues..
1. 村藤 功, The Financial Problems of Japan when the Global Economy has been integrated, Joint Conference with Nanjing University and Renmin University, 2014.06, The financial status of Japanese government is at risk due to excessive spending for social welfare. In order to get back the healthy status, the privatization of public business and public financial institutions are necessary, making the "Net Government" which focuses on planning and checking only..
2. Financial Restructuring of Japan.
3. Financial Restructuring of Japanese Government.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Finance Association
  • Japan Society of Monetary Economics
Educational Activities
Broadcasted at Business Breakthrough channel(ch.757)of SkyperfecTV following programs."Management Revolution(16times series)", "Management restructuring through IT(12 times series)", "Financial Strategy in 21st Century(12 times series)", "Financial restructuring of Japan(12 times series)" .
Lecturing, at Kyushu Business School, "Corporate Finance" and "Enterprise Value Creation and M&A" and in charge of project type seminar. A member of Advanced CFO Course Program Committee sponsored by Kinzai and The CFO Association. A member of the financial examination commitee of Financial Official Approval Association. Founder and responsible for QBS Executive program starting from 2010 to 2020 excluding 2012(sabbatical year).From April 2012 to March 2013, took sabbatical leave and taught "Corporate Finance and M&A" at KAIST business school in Korea and Northeastern University Business school in Shenyang, China.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2021.11, Held the 12th Short term Executive Program from Nov. 21 to March 2022 including the visit of Seiko Electric, Kyushu University and Optim..
  • 2020.11, Held the 11th Short Term Executive program and trained 17 executives of Kyushu companies. Since it was not possible to go overseas, did Maas VR/AR inspection tour in Fukuoka..
  • 2019.11, Held QBS's 10th Executive Program and trained 17 Kyushu executives in 40s and 50s from Nov. 2019 to March 2020, including the visit of Taipei..
  • 2018.11, As the 9th short term executive program, trained 17 Kyushu executives in 40s and 50s for 4 months from November to February mostly on Sundays. this program includes Bangkok visit in December. This time, 3 from the administration dpt. of Kyushu University participated..
  • 2018.09, Received 13 exchange students from Asian partner schools for the 2nd semester.2 from NorthEastern, 2 from DUFE, 3 from Dalian Rigon, 2 from Jirin, 2 from HUST, 2 from Ateneo de Manila and 1 from National Chengchi of Taiwan.
  • 2017.11, From Nov. 2017 to FEb. 2018, held the 8th short term executive program. had 15 executive participants. Visited Alibaba and Zhejiang University Business School in Hangzhou..
  • 2017.09, From Sep. 2017 to Feb. 2018, accepted 13 exchange students from Asia including 2 from North Easter Univ., 2 from DUFE, 2 from DUT, 2 from Zhejiang University, 1 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 1 from Shanghai Jiaotong, 1 from National Chengchi of Taiwan and Chulalongcorn of Thai..
  • 2016.11, From Nov. 2016 to Feb. 2017, held the 7th Short term Executive Program mainly on 12 Sundays. Had 17 executive participants. Visited Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan and had an executive exchange session..
  • 2016.09, From the end of Sep. 2016 to Feb. 2017, accepted 13 exchnage students from Asia, including 2 from DUFE, 2 from DUT, 2 from Nanjing Univ., 2 from Zhejiang Univ. 1 from Rengmin Univ., 1 from Nankai Uiv., 1 from National Chengchi Univ. of Taiwan, 2 from Chulalongkorn of Thai..
  • 2015.11, From Nov. 2015 to FEb. 2016, held 6th Short Term Executive Program with 15 executive participants. Visited PRC Dalian's port, refinery and Kinpu economic zone..
  • 2014.11, From Nov. 2014 to March 2015, held 5th Executive program, consisting of 12 sundays for 16 Kyushu area executives. Went to Hangzhou and Shanghai tour. The participants were requested to make the presentations on their individual projects on the final day..
  • 2013.11, From Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014, provided 4th Kyushu University Business School short term executive program as the responsible QBS representative..
  • 2012.10, Provided "Corporate Finance and M&A" course at Northeastern University Business School in China which is one of Partner schools for Kyushu University Business School.
  • 2012.05, Provided "Corporate Finance and M&A" course at KAIST Business School in Korea which is one of Partner for Kyushu University.
  • 2011.09.
  • 2011.11, From Nov. 2011 to March 2012, held the 2nd short term executive program..
  • 2010.11, Held the first Executive program of Kyushu University Business School from Nov.2010 to March 2011.
  • 2010.03, Found QANP(PBS Alumni Network Public Management Research Meeting) and having a session once a month.
  • 2009.09, Accepted 8 exchange students including 2 from Nanjing University, 2 from Northwestern University, 2 from DUFE and 1 from Dalian University of TEchnology and 1 from Jirin University..
  • 2008.11.
  • 2008.09.
  • 2008.09.
  • 2007.09.
  • 2006.09.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Based on the relationship Kyushu University had with East Asian Universities, QBS expanded the relationship with major business schools in North Eastern states of China. In addition to the University agreements with Beijing Univ., Renmin University of China, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. . Nanjing Univ., Zejiang Univ., Jirin Univ., QBS formed departmental agreement with North Eastern Univ.(Shenyang) , Dalian Univ. of Technology(Dalian) and Dongbei University of Finance & Economics(Dalian). Made departmental agreement with national Chengchi Univ. of Taiwan in 2015. The cooperation include exchange of seminars, student exchanges and information exchange. We receive about 1--15 exchange students every year from our partner schools. Started 1st Executive Program in 2010 and continued in 2011,2012,2013 and 2014. Provided English lectures at KAIST business school in korea and Northeastern Business School in China during 2012-2013. Received the executive program visit of KAIST business school and Nanjing MBA Program in 2013 and 2014. Joined Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools(AAPBS) in 2015. As to the local government, trying to optimize the finacial situation of Kurume city, Itoshima-city, Chikushino-city, Dazaifu city and Ohnojo City as the chairman of financial restructuring Committees..