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Makoto Aratono Last modified date:2023.12.07

Executive Vice President(Senior Vice President) / Physical Chemistry
Trustee(Vice President)

Graduate School
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Administration Post
Vice President
Director of the Office for the Promotion Safety and Health

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Academic Degree
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Field of Specialization
Physical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry of Interfaces
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
In charge of plannings of organization and unversity action, safety and health, and risk management as the executive vice president.

Research Activities
The research interests are the adsorption and organization of molecules at soft interfaces such as gas/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces studied on the basis of thermodynamics and structural methods. They has been tried to be developed to the “interline science”.
A. Wetting behavior at soft interfaces
(1) interfaces near critical points, (2) phase behavior and interface formation of water/oil/amphiphile systems, (3)tricritical points and microemulsion, (4)solution structure and wetting transition, (5)the phase transition of interfacial films and wetting transition, (7) ionic liquid interfaces,(8) line tension
B. Phase transition at interfaces
(1) phase transition at oil/water interface, (2) phase transition at air/water interface,(3)phase transition and the miscibility of components at interfaces, (4) structure studies using X-ray reflectivity, FTIR, and Ellipsometry (5)Adsorption dynamics and surface rheology using surface light scattering.
C. self organized assemblies in the solution
(1) micelle and vesicle formation of single and binary surfactants systems, (2) phase diagram construction.(3)solvation structure of ions at interface
Research Interests
  • Physical Chemistry of Soft Interfaces
    keyword : Soft interfaces, Thermodynamics of Interfaces, Adsorption at soft interfaces, Phase transition of adsorbed films, wetting transitions, line tension, surface rheology
    2000.041.Interfacial adsorbed films and their phase transition has been investigated by tensiometry, its thermodynamic analysis, XAFS under total reflection condidion, and surface X-ray scattering techniques,and FTIR methods. 2. The wetting-nonwetting transition of air/oil lens/aqueous solution systems has been investigated by interfacial tension, dihedral angles, and ellipsometry. 3.Line tension at the three phase contact line of a lens system has been measured and its relation to the wetting transition has been examined. 4. Micelle and spontaneous vesicle formation has been investigated. 5.Interface Science has been extended to Interline science..
Current and Past Project
  • The electric double layer structure will be investigated from the viewpoint of ion solvation structure using XAFS under total reflection condition.Investigators of Japan and India should visit the partner universities with each other and promte the sience.
  • Conclusive Proof and Structure Analysis of Phase Transition of Oil/Water Adsorbed Films by Synchrotron X-ray Interface Scattering
Academic Activities
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1. Spontaneous vesicle formation of surfactant mixtures.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The American Chemical Society
  • The Chemical Society of Japan
Educational Activities
(Graduate courses)
Physical chemistry of solutions and interfaces: thermodynamics of solution, statistical thermodynamics of solutions, basis and applied sciences of interfacial phenomena

(Undergraduate courses)
Physical chemistry I: thermodynamic laws and thermodynamic functions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics of materials
Physical Chemistry II: chemical equilibrium, solution properties and phase equilibrium, electrolyte solutions, electrochemical equilibrium
Colloid Chemistry: physical chemistry of colloidal systems, thermodynamics of soft and solid interfaces,

Basic chemical thermodynamics
Advanced chemistry
Chemical Materials and human environments
Other Educational Activities
  • 2013.09, I have been teaching physical chemistry of interfaces to a PhD student of Beijing Agricultual University as a KyushuUniversity Friendship scholarship for one year..
  • 2008.05, I teached the theoretical and experimental subjects on colloid and surface chemistry to the professor and two students from Rangsuit university in Thailand at our lab for two weeks..
  • 2007.05, I was invited to National Taiwan University by The National Science Council of Taiwan and delivered a lecture on surface chemistry at the National Taiwan University. Also I was invited to other national universities in Taiwan to enhance progresses in academic changes..