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Yoshihiro Okaue Last modified date:2024.01.07

Lecturer / Inorganic Chemistry Group
Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Sciences

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
Doctor (Science)
Field of Specialization
Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Outline Activities
Research :
1) Study on Silsesquioxanes ;
Syntheses of metal complexes with silsesquioxanes and their encapsulation of hydrogen atom in the D4R cage of silsesquioxane are examined.
2) Study on Chemistry of Rare Earth Elements ;
Effects of ligands on the properties of rare earth elements and the stabilizations of divalent and tetravalent rare earths are examined.
3) Study related to 1) and 2) ;
Study on ESR of transition metal complexes and rare earth metal complexes are examined.

Education :
KIKAN Education ; Lecture of Elementary Inorganic Chemistry and Basic Laboratory Experiments in Natural Science (Chemistry).
Specialized Courses (Department of Chemistry, School of Science) ; Lecture of Experiments of Inorganic Chemistry.
Research Interests
  • Study on Silsesquioxanes
    keyword : silsesquioxane, hydorogenatom, cage structure, encapsulation, ESR, metal complex
    1987.04Atomic hydrogen encapsulated in the double four-ring (D4R) cage of trimethylsilylated silsesquioxane [(CH3)3SiO]8(SiO1.5)8, Q8M8 was influenced by paramagnetic oxygen molecules outside the D4R cage and the ESR parameters and saturation behavior were changed. In this study, the interaction between the atomic hydrogen encapsulated in the D4R cage of some silsesquioxanes and rare earth(III) ion or d-transition metal ion was confirmed by ESR in solution under nitrogen or vacuum. The interaction between the framework of the silsesquioxanes and their metal ions was also investigated..
  • Study on Chemistry of Rare Earth Elements
    keyword : rare earth element, heteropoly anion, redox behavior, stabilization, crown ether
  • Study on Concentration of Trace Elements
    keyword : gold, adsorption, reduction, metal oxide, manganese nodule
    2000.10~2017.03Geochemistry of the trace element in a heat-of-the-earth system.
Academic Activities
1. Chemistry of Silsesquioxane Materials and Their Applications.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Chemical Society of Japan
  • The Rare Earth Society of Japan
Educational Activities
KIKAN Education :
Lecture of Elementary Inorganic Chemistry and Basic Laboratory Experiments in Natural Science.

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences :
Experiments of Inorganic Chemistry.
Professional and Outreach Activities
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2023.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2022.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2021.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2019.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2018.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2017.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2016.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2015.
ESSP(Excellent Student in Science), 2014..