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YOSHIO ITO Last modified date:2021.07.17

Administration Post
Director of the Center of Environment and Safty

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the Center for Environment and Safety .
Academic Degree
Ph. D.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Organic Chemistry, Environment Chemistry
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Study on Environment and Safety in academic and practical fields. Practices and educations in chemical substance management at universities. Editing environmental reports of Kyushu University.
Development of novel stereoselective reactions for organic synthesis.
Research Interests
  • Environment at experimental subjects in University
    keyword : Environment, safety, Chemical substance
  • Study on chemical substance management
    keyword : Environment, safety, Chemical substance
  • Development of asymmetric reactions using dinuclear metal complexes
    keyword : asymmetric catalyst, bimetal, dinuclear complex
  • Development of a-Mono-Subustituted Prolinol Catalyst
    keyword : asymmetric organocatalyst, prolinol, proline
  • Effect of reversible molecular motions on the solid state.
    keyword : organosolid, molecular motion, photochromizm
  • Development of anion selective receptors
    keyword : anion, ion recognition, receptor
Academic Activities
1. H. Ishihara, K. Hori, H. Sugihara, Y. N. Ito, and T. Katsuki, Highly Diastereo- and Enantioselective Aziridination of a,b-Unsaturated Amides with Diaziridine and Mechanistic Consideration on Its Stereochemistry, Helvetica Chimca Acta, 85, 4272-4286 (2002), 2002.08.
2. H. Ishihara, Y. N. Ito, and T. Katsuki, Highly Diastereoselective Aziridination of a,b-Unsaturated Amides Using Diaziridine, Chemistry Letters, 10, 984-985, 30, 984-985, 2001.01.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement
Educational Activities
Lecture and workshop on environment and safety.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2018.01.
  • 2017.01.
  • 2017.08, Lecture on chemistry for high school students, Structure and Functions of Organic Molecules (atKyushu Univ.).
  • 2015.10, Lecture on chemistry for high school students (at Tamana high school, Kumamoto).
  • 2014.04.
  • 2013.04.
  • 2010.11.
  • 2010.08.
  • 2009.08.
  • 2009.08.
  • 2008.08.
  • 2008.08.