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MATSUI TAKU Last modified date:2023.04.10

Professor / mathematics
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mathematical physics
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Outline Activities
We study structure of infinite volume ground states , limit theorem(central limit theorem)
of quantum spin systems by use of functional analysis. We initiated a mathematical study of uniqueness of equilibrium stets of anharmonic crystals.
Research Interests
  • analysis of statistical mechanics of quantum spin systems by functional analytic methods
    keyword : quantum spin sysytems, functional analysis,NESS, 高次元スピン系のHaag daulity Gemetric Interpretation of Z_2
    2009.04~2021.03* Spectral properties and symmetry breaking of Quantum systems  with infinite degree of freedom.
Current and Past Project
  • We analyse the type of various von Neumann sub-algebras appearing in GNS reprepresentations of gapped ground states of 2 dim quantum spin systems.
  • We study KMS and ground states of Bosonic systems on lattices using the resolevent algebras
    and we are trying to prove their uniqueness under physical natural situations.
  • We consider a generalization of Projected Entnagled Pair states and their symmetry.
  • We try to prove Haag duality for quatum systems on lattices in various situtations and
    we try to show that the presence of the spectral gap implies split property for one-dimensional systems.
    We als try to prove relative Haag duality (duality for relative commutants) and consider application to
    non-equilibrium steady states
  • In one-dimensional quantum spin systems, try to find a condition
    for producing infinitely many maximally entangled pairs of q-bits
    in pure states and investigate the relationship with split property.
  • * proof of absence of non-periodic ground states
     for anithferromagnetic XXZ models
    * clarify the relation between random partition and Bose-Einstein
Academic Activities
1. Taku Matsui Tomohiro Kanda, Regular KMS States of Weakly Coupled Anharmonic Crystals and the Resolvent CCR Algebra, 251-270, Analysis and Operator Theory(springer)に掲載, 2019.03, We proved existence and uniquness of KMS states for Weakly Coupled Anharmonic Crystals.
2. Keyl, M.; Matsui, T.; Schlingemann, D.; Werner, R. F. , Entanglement Haag-duality and type properties of infinite quantum spin chains.
, Rev. Math. Phys. , 18巻 9号 935--970.
, 2006.10.
3. Taku Matsu, Spectral gap, and split property in quantum spin chains,” J. Math. Phys. 51, 015216 (2010)JMAPAQ000051000001015216000001. | , Journal of Mathematical Physics, 51, 015216 (2010), 2010.01.
4. Taku Matsui, Boundedness of Entanglement Entropy and the Split property in Quantum Spin Chains
, MIレクチャーノート vol30 Mathematical Quantum Field Theory and Renormalization Theory , ISSN 1881-4042, 2011.01.
5. Taku Matsui, S.Yamagami, Kakutani dichotomy of free sates, Lett.Math.Phys., 102巻, 2012.08.
1. On Matrix product State of Quantum Spin Chain.
Membership in Academic Society
  • international association of mathemtatical physics
Educational Activities
Lectures on linear algebra, mathematical physics and
functional analysis