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Sachiko Take Last modified date:2022.05.26

Research Associate / Science for Biological Information
Department of Basic Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences

Graduate School

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Academic Degree
M.D., Ph.D.
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Neurophysiology, Environmental Physiology, Neuroimmunophysiology
Outline Activities
Research: Mechanisms of neuroimmunomodulation
(1) Central mechanisms of immunologically-induced fatigue
(2) Central mechanisms of conditioned fatigue
(3) Central mechanisms of placebo-induced analgesia-analysis using conditioning model
(4) Central action of cytokines
Education: Lectures for medical students and for graduate students
Research Interests
  • Attempt to develop the easy methods which make enough release of myokines in bedrest patients.
    keyword : immobilization, depression, exercise, myokines, kynurenine
  • central mechanisms of placebo-induced-analgesia
    keyword : placebo, analgesia ,conditioning
    2012.06Central mechanisms of placebo-indudeced analgesia - analysis using the conditioned model..
  • central mechanisms of infectious fatigue
    keyword : poly I:C, IFN-alpha, fatigue, serotonin, SSRI, microdialysis
    2009.04Central mechsnisms of immunologically-induced fatigue.
  • Mechanisms of neuroimmuno modulation
    keyword : hypothalamus, sympathetic nervous system, natural killer activity, cytokine, stress
    2008.04Mechanisms of neuroimmunomodulation.
Academic Activities
1. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors recovered immunologically induced fatigue in rats: in vivo microdialysis and behavioral study..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Physiological Society of Japan
  • The Japan Neuroscience Society
  • International Society for NeuroImmunoModulation
  • Society for Neuroscience, USA
Educational Activities
Physiology for medical students
Physiology for master course students