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Dongchon Kang Last modified date:2021.10.08

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M.D., Ph.D.
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Laboratory Medicine
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The integrity of mitochondrial genome or mitochondrial DNA is a main research theme. Mitochondrial DNA is essential for ATP production in mitochondria, which is critically important for normal life. In spite of its importance, mitochondrial DNA has about 100-fold higher mutation rate than nuclear DNA. Thus, disintegrity of mitochondrial DNA may occur during normal aging and be involved in natural aging processes. We have found TFAM plays an essential role in the maintenance of mitochondrial DNA and its overexpression can protect mitochondrial DNA and suppress the natural aging processes.
Research Interests
  • damage, repair, transcription, repair of mitochondrial DNA
    genetic tests
    clinical chemistry, laboratory medicine
    keyword : mitochondrial DNA, reactive oxygen species (ROS), mitochondrial disease, genetic tests, clinical chemistry, laboratory medicine
    1994.01Maintenance of human mitochodnrial DNA with special refernce to oxidative damage, DNA reapir, and DNA replication. Relation of mitochodnrial damage to aging and common diseases sech as diabetes, heart failure, cnacer, and nerodegenaration.
Current and Past Project
  • Mutation of mitochondrial DNA as a cause for Alzheimer disease.
  • Molecular tests for thrombosis that is one of the major causes for miscarriage.
  • Collaboration for molecular mechanisms of integrity of mitochondrial DNA.
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  • J-mit
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Lecture for laboratory medicine