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Takashi Kanematsu Last modified dateļ¼š2023.06.23

Professor / Oral Biological Sciences / Department of Dental Science / Faculty of Dental Science

1. Kanematsu T, Oue K, Okumura T, Harada K, Yamawaki Y, Asano S, Mizokami A, Irifune M, Hirata M., Phospholipase C-related catalytically inactive protein: A novel signaling molecule for modulating fat metabolism and energy expenditure, The Journal of Oral Biosciences, 2019.05.
2. Yamawaki Y, Oue K, Shirawachi S, Asano S, Harada K, Kanematsu T, Phospholipase C-related catalytically inactive protein can regulate obesity, a state of peripheral inflammation, Japanese Dental Science Review, 2017.06.
3. Kanematsu T., Fujii M., Tanaka H., Umebayashi H., Hirata M., Surface Expression of GABA(A) Receptors -Roles for the Binding Partners-, The Journal of Oral Biosciences, 2010.06.
4. Kanematsu T., Mizokami A., Watanabe K., Hirata M., Regulation of GABA(A) receptor surface expression with special reference to the invilvement of GABARAP and PRIP. , J. Pharmacol. Sci., 2007.08.
5. Mizokami A., Kanematsu T., Hirata M., Roles of PRIP in GABAA receptor signaling., J. Oral Biosci., 2007.06.
6. Kanematsu T., Takeuchi H., Terunuma M., Hirata M., PRIP, a novel Ins(1,4,5)P3 binding protein, functional significance in Ca2+ signaling and extension to neuroscience and beond., Mol. Cells, 20: 305-314, 2005.01.
7. Hirata M., Kanematsu T., Takeuchi H. & Yagisawa H., Pleckstrin homology domain as an inositol compound binding module, Jpn. J. Pharmacol., 76, 255-263, 1998.01.