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Morita Takehiro Last modified date:2024.04.09

Post-doctoral Fellow / Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage

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Master of Engineering
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Field of Specialization
Machine Elements
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Outline Activities
The fields of researches are "Machine elements and Design".
My main study are, 1) friction and wear of valve materials in hydrogen ,
2)fretting wear in hydrogen environment,
3)the observation of oil-filem behavior in oscillatory rolling motion.
When this resurch is done with the students, it is not only a technique like mechanical engineering, and the knowledge of every field if adopted and carried out. I want to provide the data which could get it in this experiment as a thing which is useful for the world.
Research Interests
  • Friction and Wear of Valve Materials in Hydrogen

    keyword : Hydrogen,Friction,Wear
    2004.10Friction and wear of valve materials in hydrogen To use hydrogen energy for the safety, it pays attention to the valve material, friction and wear property under hydrogen atmosphere which were not being examined so far are being checked ..
  • Experimental Study on the Crack Propagation of Pitting Crack using Test Rollers
    with Fretting Cracks

    keyword : contact fatigue,pitting,crack propagation,oil pentration,roughness
    1998.03Experimental Study on the Crack Propagation of Pitting Crack using Test Rollers with Fretting Cracks In order to study the propagation of pitting cracks, I devised an experimental method, in which a pair of cracks generated on a roller spescimen which will be used in a two-roller test by a fretting fatigue test. The cracks generated in the fretting test are typical conical ones observed commonly in the point contact, and two cracks having simillar shape and lengthbut their inclined angles to the surface were opposite are generated. Employing the roller spescimens having a pair of the cracks in a two roller test, the effects of oil penetration and plastic flow on the propagation of a pitting crack are reported..
Academic Activities
1. Effects of Oxygen Concentration on Friction and Wear of Stellite 6B and SUS316.
1. Takehiro Morita1, Yoshinori Sawae,Hayato Ideguchi, Hiroshi Kojima,Kazuhiro Nakashima,Joichi Sugimura, Effects of Polymers Surface Roughness and Filler Materials in Polymer Composite on Hydrogen Sealing Ability
, 2014 International Conference on Engineering Tribology Technology, 2014.11.
2. Friction and wear of some alloys in gaseous hydrogen.
3. Influence of water vapor in hydrogen gas on the friction and wear of cobalt-based alloy.
4. Effects of Water Concentration and Sliding Conditions on Friction and Wear of Some Alloys in Hydrogen.
5. Effects of metal counter surfaces on friction and wear of polymeric seal materials in hydrogen.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society for Clinical Biomechanics
  • Japanese Society of Tribologists
  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Japan Society for Design Engineering
Educational Activities
It takes charge of the sutdent experiment related to the tribology for the senior and the core seminor for the freshman. And the undergraduate and the master's course students in the laboratory that belongs are guided.The thesis are the subujects related to friction and wear of valve materials in hydrogen, fretting wear in hydrogen environment and the observation of oil-film behavior in oscillatory rolling motion.
Professional and Outreach Activities
I participate in the activities in the local area about the problem of the trash disposal as a use of the resarch activities of the university..