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Hiroshi Tashima Last modified date:2022.07.21

Associate Professor / Thermo Fluid Dynamics Division / Department of Advanced Environmental Science and Engineering / Faculty of Engineering Sciences

1. H. Tajima, K. Takasaki, A. Strøm, R. Masuda, Selected Papers from the Thiesel 2004 Conference, 11-13 Sep. 2004: v.2 (Gebundene Ausgabe) , Springer, 2006.03.
2. S. Yasueda, K. Takasaki, H. Tashima, MTZ International, Abnormal combustion caused by lubricating oil in high BMEP gas engine, Springer, 2013.03.
3. Hiroshi Tashima, Koji Takasaki, 45 authors in all, Series Title:Green Energy,Technology
Book Title:Hydrogen Energy Engineering
Book Subtitle:A Japanese Perspective
, Springer, Chapter 25, 2016.10.