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Masatoshi Aramaki Last modified date:2024.05.20

Assistant Professor / Material Science and Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Science of metal material
Research Interests
  • Study on the influence of inclusions on the ductility of high-strength stainless steels
    keyword : tensile strength, elongation to failure, variation in elongation value, TiN inclusions
    2023.04Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Study on the effect of precipitation particles on the amount of strengthening of high-strength stainless steel
    keyword : dislocation strengthening, precipitation strengthening, tensile strength, hardness, work hardening
    2022.04Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Research on improving the mechanical strength of iron sintered materials by carburizing and nitriding
    keyword : industrial pure iron, carburizing, nitriding, tensile strength, wear resistance, fatigue
    2018.04~2020.03Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Analysis of closure behavior of internal void in steel during hot compressive deformation
    by Syncrotron Radiation X-Ray Laminography.
    keyword : Ferrite steel, Bainite steel, Tensile test, Viod, Local deformation, Laminography method
    2015.05~2025.03Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Wear Resistance of Industrial Pure Iron Treated by Nitriding and Quenching Followed by Aging Process
    keyword : industrial pure iron, nitriding and quenching process, aging treatment, wear resistance, compound layer, high nitrogen martensite
    2014.04~2021.03Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Improvement of press formability for high strength steels with shell-powder lubricant and die surface treatment.
    keyword : hot press, surface treatment, coefficient of friction, tribology
    2010.04~2020.03Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Development of long-life die for high strength steels with controlling surface texture and nitriding treatment.
    keyword : press die, surface texture, shot peening, nitriding, galling, coefficient of friction, Fourier transformation
    2006.06~2014.03Development of long-life molding die by combined surface treatments..
  • Effect of graphite diameter added on the tensile strength of Fe-Cu-C sintered material
    keyword : sintered material, tensile strength, pore size, graphite powder size, diffusion
    2007.04~2010.03Effects of Graphite Diameter on the Strength of Ferrous Sintered Material.
  • Effect of heat treatment on the strengh-ductility balance in precipitation hardened stainless steels
    keyword : stainless steel, heart treatment, strength, elongation, TRIP, fatigue strength
    2005.04~2009.12Influence of heat treatment on mechanical properties in precipitaion-hardened stainless steel..
  • Fracture characteristics and improvement in precipitaion hardened Fe-Cu alloys.
    keyword : steel recycle, cupper, fracture toughness, aging treatment,impact energy
    2005.04~2009.03Fracture characteristics and improvement in precipitaion hardened Fe-Cu alloys..
Current and Past Project
  • Development of Ultra-High Modulus Steel Wire
Academic Activities
1. Additive Manufacturing Materials as Powder Metallurgy Materials.
2. Influence of Carbon addition on Mechanical property in Cobalt Alloys.
1. M. Aramaki, M. Kozin, K. Yoshida, O. Furukimi, Effect of Nitriding-Quenching and Carburizing-Quenching on Wear Properties of Industrial Pure Iron, Journal of Heat Treatment and Materials, 10.3139/105.110346, 73, 3, 131-143, J. Heat Treatm. Mat. 73 (2018) 2, pp. 131-143, 2018.03, The wear properties of industrial pure iron treated by nitriding- quenching and carburizing-quenching were investigated. Both the nitrogen martensite and carbon martensite produced by each treatment exhibited the same high degree of wear resistance. The results of sliding tests showed that the nano-indentation hardness near the surfaces of both samples had increased. The surface hardening of the nitrogen martensite was more noticeable than that of the carbon martensite. EBSD analysis revealed that plastic strain had been induced on a relatively large scale (around 20 µm) after sliding in the case of the nitrogen martensite. It was found that the high wear resistance of the nitrogen martensite led to strain hardening through the effect of the load applied in the sliding test..
2. Masatosi Aramaki, Naoya Yamada and Osamu Furukimi, Effect of Combined Shot Treatment and Nitriding on Galling Property of Die used for High Strength Steels, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) International, Vol.51(2011), No.7, pp.1137-1141, 2011.07.
3. Effect of Graphite Diameter Added on the Tebsile Strength of Fe-Cu-C Sintered Material.
1. Effect of Surface Texture on Galling Property of Low-temperature Nitrided Die.
2. Development of Long-Life Die by using Low Temperature Nitriding after Shot Treatment and it's Evaluation Method.
3. Effect of Graphite Diameter on Tensile Strength of Ferrous Sintered Materials.
4. The stability of austenite in tensile deformation and its relation to a nitriding treatment in precipitation hardened stainless steel.
5. Effectof Cr Precipitates Diameter on Elongatin of high Cr steel.
6. Fracture Characteristics and Improvement in precipitation hardened Fe-Cu Alloys..
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy
  • The Japan Society for Heat Treatment
  • The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
  • Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
  • Japan Institute of Metals