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Keisuke Yoshida Last modified date:2021.08.10

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Welcome to my Homepage, YOSHIDA, Keisuke. .
Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Mechanical Engineering
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Energy utilization is an important problem for our country where the resource is scarce even without requesting the grounds from environmental problems including global warming through all eternity, and all the people should work seriously. The industries, which consume a lot of energy, have chiefly worked on the energy problems up to now in Japan that experienced the oil crisis twice 1970 year. As a result, the energy consumption rate by individuals increased every year. Therefore, it is important to save energy consumption rate by individuals in the future. It is thought that not only promotion of the technology related to energy conservation but also promotion of the education that infiltrates people who are not the specialists the concept of energy is important for that. Based on such a concept, I am performing the research education activity, as a member of the Heat Transfer Laboratory, from both hardware-side and software-side including the development of the technique to improve the effect of energy conservation by not only technological researches immediately related to the thermal engineering but also the education at the university and the activity for the society.
Research Interests
  • Study on History of Mechanical Engineerig and Technology
    keyword : History of Technology
  • Study on the relation between technology and society
    keyword : philosophy of technology
  • Relation between Industry-university cooperation and Social contribution of university
    from the point of view of mechanical engineering
    keyword : Industry-university cooperation, Contribution to society, City formation, Mechanical engineering
  • Convective Heat Transfer of Rotating Disk and Drum with Fin Array
    keyword : Finned Surface, Rotating Drum, Convection, Heat Transfer Enhancement
    1997.08~2010.03Convective heat transfer from a rotating body with fins has not been clarified though the information about the heat transfer characteristics from the point of view of the industrial application. We are performing this research experimentally to grasp the heat transfer characteristics from the rotation body with the fin such as the rotating drums with the fin and disks, and the information about the method of heat transfer enhancement (or the method to increase the heat transfer rate from the body)..
  • Development of Education Program on Safety for University Students
    keyword : Education for Safety, Education Program, Training
    2004.01Nurturing engineers who have the capability to prevent the serious accidents that can occur in complicated mechanical system is becoming increasingly important for universities. The adoption of a safety education program is as indispensable a part as the engineering ethics education program. This paper proposes that industry-university cooperation is required in order to establish a safety education program at universities. We are aiming developing the safety education program for the university jointly with the enterprise that develops the safety education program to the employee of the enterprise..
  • Development of measurement technique of thermophysical properties for biological materials
    keyword : thermophysical properties, measurement technique, noninvasive technique, biological materials
    2006.01~2009.03It is thought that cryosurgery and hyperthermia are medical technology which makes tissues and organs low temperature or high temperature, and are low invasive farther than the conventional surgical operation, and the example of application will increase them by from now on. In order to improve the medical treatment accuracy of these methods, not only a monitoring the medical treatment part during operation but also the determination of the protocol before the operation(where and how the part is warmed or frozen by cooling) becomes important. It is thought that the simulation of the frozen process and the heating process of tissues and organs is effective as the means; the reliability of this simulation depends not only on the heat transportation model in tissue but on the thermophysical properties themselves greatly. We are developing a noninvasive technique by using equipments to measure the thermophysical properties of biological materials in vivo, which temperature response of a target surface is measured by infrared thermometry during heating by CO2 laser irradiation, and compared with the theoretical response to obtain thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of the target material simultaneously..
  • Nucleate Boling Heat Transfer
    keyword : Nucleate Boling, Heat Transfer, Boilng, Evaporator
Academic Activities
1. Keisuke YOSHIDA, Masahito TASAKA, Convective Heat Transfer from a Rotating Drum with Fin Array for the Permanent Magnet Type Eddy Current Retarder, Thermal Science and Engineering, pp.45-52, 2004.12.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japan Industry Archaeology Society
  • Japan Society of Engery and Resources
  • Japanese Society for Engineering Education
  • Japan Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Heat Transfer Society of Japan
  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • An oral presentation entitled "A small event on engineering education by the Technology and Society Division in cooperation with the Kyushu Branch (Execution of the event entitled “The Third New ☆ Energy Contest”) ", at the 64th term general meeting of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kyushu branch (March, 2011) were evaluated as the best presentation award by the Technology and Social Division of JSME.
Educational Activities
Mechanical engineering is "Study of the material-making", and it is just "Communications study with the person through the material. " Therefore, with a motto "The machine engineer is the man with liberal arts background who is good at physics and mathematics", I am performing the professional education and the introductory education to the students and the graduate students.
Other Educational Activities
  • 2010.11, Planning and arrangement of the event entitled “The 3rd New ☆ Energy Contest", which was held at Ito campus of Kyushu university on November 2010, and intended for the students of university and college of technology. .
  • 2010.09, Planning and execution of a five-days-factory-tour to the small and medium-sized enterprises in Kanto district, which was held by the Innovation center of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,and which was supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry..
  • 2010.02, Planning and execution of a six-days-factory-tour to the small and medium-sized enterprises in Kyushu, which was held by the Innovation center of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,and which was supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry..
  • 2009.09, Planning and execution of a six-days-factory-tour to the small and medium-sized enterprises in Kanto district, which was held by the Innovation center of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,and which was supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry..
  • 1994.01.
Professional and Outreach Activities
For the university, to grow useful persnnnel is the biggest mission for the society neatly, and it is a social contribution of the university. Not only the student education at the university but also communications with the local society should be made to grow the useful personnel that is trusted from the society and expected. From the point of view I make an effort to accept the request of open lectures and technological consultations as much as possible..