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Takao Sajima Last modified date:2022.06.14

Assistant Professor / Manufacturing Processes
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Graduate School
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Academic Degree
PhD (Engineering)
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
CFRP manufacturing technology, measurement, machining
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Research: Research on CFRP manufacturing technology.
Education: Guidance of machining, electric circuit production, and software
Research Interests
  • Development of micro shape measurement probe and measuring device using optical fiber
    keyword : Optical fiber, micro, three dimensional measurement
    2015.04Mass compound vessel used at the hydrogen station is developed..
  • Development of CFRP high pressure hydrogen vessel manufacturing method
    keyword : carbon fiber, hydrogen, very high pressure vessel
    2013.05Mass compound vessel used at the hydrogen station is developed. .
  • Development of carbon fiber reinforced very high pressure hydrogen vessel
    keyword : carbon fiber, hydrogen, very high pressure vessel
    2005.07~2007.03Mass compound vessel used at the hydrogen station is developed. .
  • Enclosed Sea Environmental Project to Create: CFRP Development of optical oxygen supply of timber for construction
    keyword : CFRP, oxygen supply, light supply
    2003.04~2007.03Light and the oxygen supply device that applies the CFRP processing technology to cancel the deposit in the bottom of the sea that becomes a problem in the pearl oyster cultivation in Mie Prefecture Ago-wan Bay etc. are developed. Fiscal year 2003, the source of light that used LED was made for trial purposes with the development of the CFRP cable manufacturing device..
  • Development of production of carbon fiber reinforced ultra-high pressure hydrogen tank
    keyword : Carbon fiber hydrogen tanks
    2003.07~2005.03Carbon fiber reinforced very high pressure hydrogen tank and this manufacturing device to increase the following distance such as fuel cell vehicles are developed. .
Current and Past Project
  • Towards the fuel cell vehicle spread from the start in 2015, the development of hydrogen supply infrastructure has been developed. In this project, the aim of the cost of the accumulator high ratio to the total equipment cost of hydrogen station construction costs, will be developed on the CFRP composite accumulator manufacturing technology.
  • To target the accumulator for the hydrogen station, and to examine the possibility of commercialization of equipment for multi-FW yarn feeding device to improve the productivity of FW for the production of CFRP. We compare the performance and productivity from both sides of the accumulator, the yarn feeding device FW conventional single yarn feeding device and the multi-FW. Performance evaluation is carried out, etc. rupture test produced a FW device for evaluation, using a test piece for evaluation.
  • The spread of fuel cell electric vehicles needs to put hydrogen supply infrastructure development in prospective by then, although 2015 are made into technical judgment time. With this enterprise, research and development in the accumulator dexterous large-sized CFRP container of advantageous 80MPa specification also in space also in cost is done as technology indispensable to hydrogen supply infrastructure development as compared with the present steel pressure accumulator.
Academic Activities
1. Takao Sajima, Hiroshi Murakami , Akio Katsuki, Daisuke Tabuchi, Osamu Ohnishi, Syu!ei Kurokawa, Hiromichi Onikura and Toshiro K. Doi, Precision Profile Measurement System for Microholes Using Vibrating optical Fiber, Sensors & Materials, 24, 7, 387-396, 2012.10.
2. Study on Improvement of pipe bursting strength CFRP molding method using simultaneous heating.
3. D. TABUCHI, T. SAJIMA, T. DOI, H. ONIKURA, O. OHNISHI, S. KUROKAWA and T. MIURA, Development of a Filament-Winding Machine Based on Internal Heating by a High-Temperature Fluid for Composite Vessels, Sensors & Materials, 23, 6, 347-358, 2011.06.
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Society for precision Engineering
  • Japan Society Of Mechanical Engineers
Educational Activities
Experiment 1 in mechanical engineering (Optical measurement, Gear)
Machine shop practice (Processing NC, CADCAM)
Space representation practice
Natural Science experiment
Research guidance of undergraduate student and master student
Professional and Outreach Activities
Joint research cutting machine, with the company in the development testing machine
It does a joint research with the company etc. for the CFRP manufacturing technology
Execution of examination concerning composite materials.