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Academic Degree
Dr. of Engineering
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Field of Specialization
Rock Engineering, Environmental Geo-technology,Geographic Information System (GIS), Geo-Spatial Information Science,Disaster Prevention Engineering
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Outline Activities
The Environmental Geotechnology Division, Department of Civil Engineering, Kyushu University, focuses its research on solving the geoenvironmental problems induced by construction of social capital and development of natural resources under difficult circumstances of natural environments, and is putting effort to establish a new geoenviromental science field for desirable environment creation.

Research Topics:
Basically research for Evaluation of Geotechnical Materials
Geo-Environmental Assessment using GIS
Development of Natural Hazard and Risk Assessment methods using GIS
Research Interests
  • Research on extraction of slope disaster sites using satellite data
    keyword : satellite data, Slope failure, Disaster prevention
  • Research on the evaluation of slope stability along the road
    keyword : rock slope, maintenance
  • Development of decision making for evacuation using AI
    keyword : disaster prevention, evacuation, AI
  • Research on the sensor of rock fall
    keyword : Development of sensor, rock slope, rock fall
  • Research on disaster recovery and prevention about the Heavy rain disasters in the Northern part of Kyushu
    keyword : disaster, disaster prevention
  • Research on the regional Disaster Prevention
    keyword : Disaster prevention, GIS, Geographin Infomation
  • Research on the Hazard and Risk Management Method
    keyword : Hazard Map, Risk Management
  • Utilization of Geographic Information System for Local Government
    keyword : GIS,Local Government
  • Research on Carbon Dioxide Strage in Rock
    keyword : Carbon Dioxide Storage
  • Research on Road maintenance and management system using GIS
    keyword : maintenace, manegement, GIS
  • Application of Geographic Information System (GIS)
    keyword : GIS, Environmental System
    2000.04Application of Geographic information System.
  • Application for green infrastructure
    keyword : green infrastructure, city planning, environment, disaster prevention
  • Assesment of Flood Hazard in Thailand
    keyword : Flood Hazard, Thailand
  • Research on the characteristic of Sediment Discharge in Mimi-River
    keyword : Sedimentation, Discharge, GIS
  • Research on the water management in semi arid area
    keyword : water management, underground water
  • Research on Nature Restration for Japanese Ibis using GIS
    keyword : GIS, Nipponia Nippon, Nature Registration
  • Assessment of the Effect on Water Inflow by Tunnel Excavation
    keyword : Water inflow, Undergroundwater, Tunnel Excavation
  • Research on the Construction of Facility Management System using GIS
    keyword : Facility Management, GIS
  • Assessment of River Turbidity and its Contributeng Factors
    keyword : Turbility water, Dam
  • Research on the maintenance and management for the infrastructure
    keyword : infrastructure, management
    2005.04~2020.03Research on the construction and management of infrastructure for the sustanable development.
  • Research on Shear-Flow Coupling Properties of Rock Joint
    keyword : Rock Joint, Shear-Flow Coupling property
    1999.10~2015.03Shear-Flow coupling properties of rock joint.
  • Evaluation of instability and development of design method of discontinuous rock mass
    keyword : jointed rock, rock slope
    2000.04~2008.03Evaluation of instability and development of design method of discontinuous rock mass.
Academic Activities
1. Yasuhiro Mitani, Keigo Kitamura, Hiroyuki Honda, Mechanism of a Low Permeable Rock Injected by Supercritical CO2 for Non-Structural Storage Media, 2019.09.
2. Tsuneo SEKIJIMA, Yoichi KAWAGUCHI, Tadashi MIYASHITA, Yasuhiro MITANI, Ryugo WATANABE, Restoration scenario and capacity building for resettlement Crested Ibis, 2010.12.
1. Han, Z., Mitani, Y., Kawano, K., Taniguchi, H., Honda, H., Meng, L. & Li, Z., Quantitative assessment of flooding risk based on predicted evacuation time: A case study in Joso city, Japan, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 98, 2023.10.
2. Jingyao Gao, Siyu Peng, Guangqi Chen, Yasuhiro Mitani, Hongyun Fan, Coupled hydro-mechanical analysis for water inrush of fractured rock masses using the discontinuous deformation analysis, Computers and Geotechnics, 156 , 2023.06.
3. Jingyao Gao, Guangqi Chen, Yasuhiro Mitani, Shilin Gong, Chaofan Feng, Study on the effect of hydro-chemical dissolution on shear properties of rock fractures using the improved discontinuous deformation analysis, Int J Numer Anal Methods Geomech., 47, 1457-1480, 2023.06.
4. Jingyao Gao, Yasuhiro Mitani, Guangqi Chen, Siyu Peng, Changze Li, Extension of discontinuous deformation analysis method for coupled reactive transport problems, Computers and Geotechnics,, 165, 2024.01.
5. Keigo KITAMURA, Hiroyuki HONDA, Osamu NISHIZAWA, Yasuhiro MITANI, Impacts of CO2 injection speed on two-phase flow and physical parameters in porous sandstone, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol.107, 2021.04.
6. Ryunosuke NAKANISHI, Akira BABA, Takahiro TSUYAMA, Hiro IKEMI, Yasuhiro MITANI, Examination of Sediment Dynamics Based on the Distribution of Silica Fluxes and Flood Sediments in the Otoishi River Related to the Northern Kyushu Heavy Rain Disaster, Geosciences, 9, 75, 2019.01.
7. Yuki Okajima, Yasuhiro Mitani, Hiro Ikemi, and Ibrahim Djamaluddin, Participatory Surveying System for Specialists and Utilization of Geoportal, Journal of Disaster Research, 2017.06.
8. Yuki Okajima, Yasuhiro Mitani, Hiro Ikemi, and Ibrahim Djamaluddin, Participatory Surveying System for Specialists and Utilization of Geoportal, Journal of Disaster Research, 12, 696-707, 2017.06.
9. Hiroyuki Honda, Keigo Kitamura, Shinnosuke Takaki, Hiro Ikemi, Yasuhiro Mitani, Measurement of electrical impedance and P-wave velocity of a low permeable sandstone core during the displacement of saturated brine by CO2 injection, Energy Procedia, 10.1016/j.egypro, 2017.03.
10. Yasuhiro Mitani, Hiro Ikemi, A GIS Based Evaluation of Land Use Changes and Ecological Connectivity Index, Journal of Geomatics and Planning, 4, 1, 9-18, 2017.01.
11. Poppy Indrayani, Yasuhiro Mitani, Ibrahim Djamaluddin, Hiro Ikemi, A GIS Based Evaluation of Land Use Changes and Ecological Connectivity Index, Geoplanning : Journal of Geomatics and Planning, 10.14719/geoplanning, 2016.10.
12. Yasuhiro Mitani, Djamaluddin I, Indrayani, P, Tetsukazu Yahara, Geographic Information System (GIS) Web Server for Biodiversity Information System, 2015.12.
13. Ning Jia, Yasuhiro Mitani, Mowen Xie, DJAMALUDDIN IBRAHIM, Shallow landslide hazard assessment using a three-dimensional deterministic model in a mountainous area, Computers and Geotechnics, 45, 9, 1-10, 2012.09.
14. Yukinori Furukawa, Kazuo Fukudome, Yasuhiro Mitani, Effects of Improving Durability of Concrete by AQUA CURTAIN Curing and Its Application – Development of the New Wet Curing Method, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture, 6, 5, 574-585, 2012.05.
15. Ibrahim DJAMALUDDIN, Yasuhiro. MITANI, Hiro IKEMI, A GIS-based computational method for simulating the components of 3D dynamic ground subsidence during the process of undermining, International Journal of Geomechanics, 12, 1, 43-53, 2012.01.
16. Ardy ARSYAD, Yasuhiro MITANI, Hiro IKEMI, Kataru KUZE, Shiro OURA, Experimental and numerical study on the behavior of supercritical CO2 injection to low permeable rocks, Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Rock Mechanics (ISRM), CD-ROM, 2011.10.
17. Jia NING, Yasuhiro MITANI, Ibrahim DJAMALUDDIN Hiro IKEMI, Evaluation of slope hazards stability and failure probability in a mountainous area along a highway, Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Rock Mechanics (ISRM), CD-ROM, 2011.10.
18. Yasuhiro MITANI, Ardy ARSYAD, Hiro IKEMI, Kataru KUZE, Shiro OURA, A new flow pump permeability test applied on supercritical CO2 injection to low permeable rocks, International Journal of the Japan Committee for Rock Mechanics, 7, 1, 25-31, 2011.01.
19. Yoshihiro MIYAKE, Keiko TANAKA, Hiroshi FUJIWARA, Yasuhiro MITANI, Hiroaki IKEMI, Satoshi SASAKI, Yukihiro OHYA and Yoshio HIROTA, Residential proximity to main roads during pregnancy and the risk of allergic disorders in Japanese infants: The Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study, Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Vol. 21, pp.22–28, 2010.01.
20. Yasuhiro MITANI, Tetsuro ESAKI, Hiroaki IKEMI, Tetsushi KURAKAWA, Assessment of the Effect on Water Inflow by Tunnel Excavation Using GIS, Proceedings of the 2009 Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Rock Engineering, pp.103-113, 2009.10.
21. Yasuhiro MITANI, Tetsuro ESAKI, Hiro IKEMI, Yuuya YAMAGAMI, Kouji IKUSADA, Development of a shear–flow coupling test method for a natural rock joint, Proceedings of the San Francisco 2008 (The 42th US Rock Mechanics Symposiumu, The 2nd US-Canada Rock Mechanics Symposium), CD-ROM, 2008.06.
22. Yasuhiro MITANI, Tetsuro ESAKI, Hiro IKEMI, Frederic Vallier, Numerical examination of flow mechanism during shear in a rock joint, Proceedings of the 11th ISRM Congress, pp.373-376, 2007.07.
1. Yuki Okajima, Yasuhiro Mitani, Hiro Ikemi, Takuto Hayashida, Satoru Kimura, Development of Offline Application Utilizing Geospatial Information for Field Survey at Large-Scale Disasters, 39th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, 2018.10.
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Civil Engineering
  • The Japanese Comitee for Rock Mechanics
  • Japanese Geotechnical Society
  • Japan Electric Power Civil Engineering Society
  • Japanese Engineering Geology and Environment
  • It is my distinct pleasure to inform you that Kyushu University has been selected to receive a Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award at the 30th Annual ESRI International User Conference (UC). This award is given to user sites around the world to recognize outstanding work with GIS technology. Your organization stood out from more than 100,000 others.
Educational Activities
Environmental Geotechnology, Applied Geo-technology, Surveying & Mapping, Geography on Civil Engineering,
Geo-environmental System Engineering, Geo-Infomatix