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Hiroaki NAKANO Last modified date:2024.05.01

Professor / Reaction Engineering of Materials
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

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Field of Specialization
Electrochemistry of Materials Processing
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Outline Activities
Electrodeposition behavior of zinc and zinc alloys are investigated in aqueous solutions.
○Codeposition behavior of Zn-iron-group metals from zincate solution
○Effect of pre-adsorption of PEG and inorganic additives on the morphology and appearance of electrodeposited Zn
○Research of new alloy composite coating such as Zn-Mg oxide, Zn-V2O3, Zn-Al2O3
○Effect of annealing on the hardness and texture of electrodeposited Ni-W alloys
○Analysis of electrodeposits by TEM observation
○Color of electrodeposited Zn-iron group metals composite films
○Pitting corrosion resistance of Al alloys processed by severe plastic deformation
Electrodeposition behavior of zinc and copper are investigated in electrowinning and electrorefining bath.
○Effect of impurities and polymer additives on the dissolution of deposited Zn
○Codeposition behavior of impurities in Cu elctrodeposition from the bath containing Cu+
○Effect of polymer additives on copper electrorefining
Research Interests
  • Effect of Reaction Product of Brightener on the Electrodeposition Behavior of Zn-Ni alloy from Alkaline Zincate Solution
    keyword : anomalous codeposition
  • Effect of Ni and Zn plating on the hydrogen permeation of steel sheets
    keyword : Hydrogen permeation
  • Electrodeposition of Zn-V Oxide Composite from Sulfate Solutions
    keyword : Corrosion resistance
  • Effect of a Small Amount of Mo, W and Sn Additives on the Morphology and Orientation of Electrodeposited Zn
    keyword : Electrodeposited Zn
  • Behavior of polymer additives in electrolytic metallurgy of Zn and Cu
    keyword : Copper, Zinc, electrolytic metallurgy
  • Electrodeposition Behavior of Zn-Polyethyleneimine Composite from Sulfate Solution and its Micro Structure
    keyword : electrodeposition, polyethyleneimine
  • Effects of Electrolysis Conditions on the Formation of Electrodeposited Invar Fe-Ni alloys with Low Thermal Expansion
    keyword : invar alloy, iron-nickel alloys
  • Elucidation of mechanism of formation reaction of chemical conversion coating on magnesium
    keyword : chemical conversion coating, Magnesium
  • Effect of annealing on the micro structure and hardness of deposited Ni-W alloys
    keyword : Electrodeposition, nickel, tungsten
  • Color of electrodeposited Zn-Ni composite film
    keyword : Electrodeposition, nickel, zinc
  • Pitting Corrosion Resistance of Ultrafine-Grained Aluminum Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation
    keyword : pitting corrosion resistance
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Electrochemical Engineering and Laboratory Course of Materials Science (1) in faculty,
Electrochemical Engineering for Hydrometallurgy in Materials Process Engineering.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Editor in The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
Member of committee in The Surface Finishing Society of Japan
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, administration committee committee
Member of committee in The Corrosion Society of West Japan
Editor in The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan
Lecture of electrolating study.