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Tatsumi Ishihara Last modified date:2023.06.27

Professor / Functional Material Chemistry
Department of Applied Chemistry
Faculty of Engineering

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineering
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Functional Inorganic Materials, Catalyst Chemistry
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Outline Activities
In order to achieve a sustainable development in future, energy conversion systems with high efficiency and environmental friendly technology is essentially required. Solid oxide fuel cell with highly efficient power generating system, Li ion rechargeable battery, and related materials are studied. In addition, new hydrogen production systems based on photochemistry and new reforming reaction using membrane reactor was studied. In addition, new amperometric sensor for combustion controle is investigated.
Research Interests
  • Development of mixed conductor for oxygen separation membrane
    keyword : Perovskite Oxide, K2NiF4 type
    1987.04Development of mixed conductor for oxygen separation based on Perovskite and perovskite related materials..
  • Development of novel oxide ion conductor and application for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell,
    keyword : Oxide ion conductor, Perovskite oxide
    1994.04Development of new fast oxide ion conductor based on perovskite structure and apply to the intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells.
  • Development of Environmental catalyst
    keyword : Nitrogen Oxide, Perovskite, Direct Decomposition
    1992.03 Various Environmental catalysts are studied, in particular, deNOx catalyst for Diesel Engines is studied..
Current and Past Project
  •  Development of LaGaO3 film and application for intermediate temperature SOFC
Academic Activities
1. Tatsumi Ishihara, Perovskite Oxide for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells(Chapter 1 Structure and Properties of Perovskite Oxides), Springer, Chapter 1, pp. 1-16, 2009.05.
2. Tatsumi Ishihara, High Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells(Chapter 4 Electrolyte), Elsevier, Chapter 4, pp. 83-117, 2003.09.
1. Tatsumi ISHIHARA, Nitiphong JIRATHIWATHANAKUL, Hao ZHONG, Intermediate temperature solid oxide electrolysis cell using LaGaO3 based perovskite electrolyte, Energy & Environmental Science, 3, 665-672, 2010.03, LaGaO3を電解質とすることで、中温でも優れた特性を有する電解セルを開発することができた。.
  • Design of ionic and mixed conducting ceramics for fuel cell application
Educational Activities
Lecture is performed for under graduate, graduate school, and general education level. Actual research work was also taught through research work in laboratory.
Professional and Outreach Activities
Thailand-Japan Techinical Transfer Program Inviting Professor.