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Shigeru Fujino Last modified date:2022.06.15

Professor / Advanced Functional Materials
Global Innovation Center
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Academic Degree
Doctor of Engineerig
Field of Specialization
Material Science, Glass science technology
Research Interests
  • Fabrication of novel functional silica glass with photonics,electronics and biomaterial fields
    keyword : Silica glass
  • Development of polymer and inorganic hybrid glass materials
    keyword : Silica glass,mesoporous, forming, functional properties
  • Microrheology measurement of glass melts in the high temperture region
    keyword : surface tension viscosity microrheology
  • Fabrication of transparent sintered silica glass and its optical applications
    keyword : silica glass transparency sintering
  • Fabrication of glass coating on metal alloys and its adhesion properties
    keyword : glass coating, adhesion, metal, ceramic
  • Refractive index and dielectric properties of oxide and fluoride glass
    keyword : Refractive index, dielectric properties, oxide glass, fluoride glass
Academic Activities
1. E. Saiz, A. P. Tomsia, S. Fujino and J. M. Gomez-Vega, Ceramic Transactions, 138, Advances in Joining of Ceramics, American ceramic society, Graded Coatings for Metallic Implant Alloys.p.159-172, 2003.09.
1. S.Fujino and K.Morinaga, Silicate glass coatings on Co-Cr implant alloys, Annual Reports of HVEM Laboratory Kyushu University, pp.5-6., 2003.03.
2. Evaluation technique of surface tension for glass melts in the high temperature region.
1. Hiroshi Ikeda,Shigeru Fujino, Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Silica Monolith by Sintering Silica Nanoparticles, Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, 5, 107-117, 2017.05.
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15. Hideki YOSHIDA, Hisao ABE, Toshitsugu TAGURI, Fumihiko OHASHI, Shigeru FUJINO and Toshihisa KAJIWARA, Antimicrobial effect of porcelain glaze with silver-clay antimicrobial
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1. Kajihara, T. ; Akatsuka, K.; Fujino, S.; Hata, S.; Hijiya, H.; Ikeda, R.; Ikeda, S.; Mitsuta, A.; Ninomiya, K.; ; Nishibori, M.; Saito, H.; Yoshida, S, Effect of Li2O addition on phase-separation and crystallization of BaO-SiO2 glasses, 26th International Congress on Glass (ICG2022), 2022.07.
2. Shigeru Fujino, Preparation and properties of functional transparent silica glass by sintering, The 12th Regional Conference on Energy Engineering International Conference on Renewable Energy Research & Challenge 2019, 2019.11.
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