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Ph. D. (Agriculture)
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environment control for biology
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
Business: Biotron Institute started in 1966 to furnish the biologists in Kyushu University with controlled environments and to promote environmental biology. The institute is composed of phytotrons, artificial light growth chambers for botanical research, zootrons, entomotrons and incubators for biotechnology, which are used by about three hundred biologists in the university for exact control of environmental factors of air temperature, humidity, wind, light and carbon dioxide gas concentration. The staff of the institute attend to management and maintenance of the facilities and equipment.

Research: Main title of research is "effects of environmental factors on root physiological function in plants". This study deals with (1) sensing of various environmental factors which may affect physiological status of plant roots, and (2) measurement of growth, respiration and uptake of water or nutrients (i.e., fundamental function of plant roots) under controlled environment.
Most of the material plants are horticultural crops, and they are grown in hydroponics or sand-ponics under controlled environment in a phytotron or an artificial light growth chamber. The root function responding to changes in the plant environment can be evaluated using various sensors and equipments. The results of this study could contribute to optimizing environment in horticultural crop production.

Education: The educatinal post is "Associate Professor, Environment Control for Biology, Department of Plant Resources, Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences, Kyushu University".
Research Interests
  • Applied technology of sand-ponics under LED light in advanced horticultural production.
    keyword : sand-ponics, LED, advanced horticulture, environment control
  • Physiological function and growth of plant roots in advanced horticultural production.
    keyword : protected horticulture, hydroponics, plant roots, environment control
  • Application of greenhouse cooling for horticultural production in the Southeast area of Japan.
    keyword : greenhouse cooling, environment control, horticultural production, Kyushu Island
    2005.04~2017.03Studies on applicable technologies of greenhouse cooling for horticultural research and production in the Kyushu Island in Japan..
Academic Activities
Membership in Academic Society
  • Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and Scientists
  • A fellow of the Japanese Society of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Engineers and scientist. (an award for the scientific research and social contribution on environment control in biology)
  • Physiological function of plant roots under controlled environment in an advanced plant production system.
Educational Activities
Professor of the Graduate School of Bioresource and Environmental Science : the class in Environment Control for Biology of the master's course
Professional and Outreach Activities
Guiding an investigative tour in Biotron Institute, Kyushu University for ordinary people, pupils and students of the neighboring districts, and lecturing them on "Environmental and Experimental Biology"..