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List of Reports
Satoshi YOSHIDA Last modified date:2022.06.10

Professor / Environmental Control Center for Experimental Biology

1. Growth of Japanese radish (Raphanus satvus L.) sprouts and their viable bacterial counts when growth on wood pulp medium in a simple cultivation system using artificial lighting..
2. Phytotronics as an academic activity for environment control in biology..
3. Environment control facilities for the joint use of Kyushu University..
4. Watanabe T., Toh K., Ohwaki J., Nagao Y., Fujiyama M., Tsurunaga A. and Yoshida S., Environment control in an artificial light growth chamber for simulating a specific climate of a lowland rice field at a local area in Japan., Biotronics, 30: 115-118., 2001.01.
5. Application of controlled environments for biological science..
6. Respiration and water uptake of hypoxic roots affected by aerial oxygen transport from leaves to roots in intact cucumber plants..