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Kazuo Ogata Last modified date:2020.06.19

Professor / Tropical Crops and the Envrionment

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Introduction to Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences I (IUP-G30)
Other Organization
Administration Post
Director of the SHARE Office
Director of the Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Director of the Kyushu University Museum
Vice President

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Agriculture
Country of degree conferring institution (Overseas)
Field of Specialization
Total Priod of education and research career in the foreign country
Outline Activities
-Taxonomy and biogeography of ants
-Biodiversity of tropical and subtropical areas

- Supervising graduate students in the field of tropical crops and environment
- Director of International Education Center
- Director of International Student Center

Social activity:
-International Cooperation in the field of agriculture
-Committee member of Advisory Board of MEXT Scholarship for Foreign Students
Research Interests
  • Phylogeny and biogeography of ant in Asia
    keyword : Asia, Ants, Entomology, Phylogeny, Biogeography
    1995.07~2020.03Phylogeny and biogeography of ants in tropical Asia.
  • Higher Education of Agriculture in Asia
    keyword : Tropical Agriculture, International Cooperation
    2001.04~2020.03Higher agricultural education in Asian countries.
  • Color Image Databese of Ants
    keyword : Ants, Database
    1995.03~2003.03Japanese ants color image database.
Academic Activities
Works, Software and Database
1. Japanese ant image database.
2. Japanese ant image database.
Educational Activities
Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences
Subjects of Master's Course: Master's Thesis Research I, II; Seminar in Specified Field I, II; Tropical Crops and Environment; Advanced Topics on Tropical Crops and Environment
Subjects of Doctor's Course: Doctor's Thesis Research I, II; Seminar in Specified Field I, II;

[Specieal Course on International Development Research]
Subjects of Master's Course : Fundamentals and Topics in Agricultural Sciences I (part); Advanced Topics on Plant Resources I, II (part)

School of Agriculture
Subjects: Introduction to Tropical Crops and Environment
Professional and Outreach Activities
International Cooperation
1986-1987 JICA Long-term Expert in Entomology(IPSA Project, Bangladesh)
1993-1995 JICALong-term Expert in Entomology(IPSA Project Phase II, Bangladesh)
1997 JICA Short-term Expert in Entomology(IPSA Project, Bangladesh)
1998 JICA R/D Survey Mission(Education & Research Capability Building in Hanoi Agricultural University, Vietnam)
1999 JICA Short-term Expert in Entomology(IPSA Project A/C, Bangladesh)
2000 JICA C/P Training Program(IPSA Project)
2000 JICA C/P Training Program(HAU ERCB Project)
2002 JICE JDS Program Interview(Vietnam & Myanmar)
2002 JICA C/P Training Program(HAU ERCB Project)
2003 JICA Short-term Expert in Entomology(HAU ERCB Project, Vietnam)
2003 JICA Training Program for Vietnam
2004 JICE JDS Program Interview(Myanmar)
2004 JICE JDS Seminar in Hanoi(Vietnam)
2006 JBIC Project in Malaysia
2010 JST-JICA(SATREPS) "the Development of Crop Genotypes for the Midlands and Mountain Areas of North Vietnam".