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Noritaka Mochioka Last modified date:2020.06.16

Associate Professor / Animal and Marine Bioresource Science
Department of Bioresource Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

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Laboratory of Fisheries Biology .
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Doctor of Agriculture (Kyushu University)
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To achieve successful conservation and sustainable use of marine and freshwater fish resources, we have to get basic knowledge of thier spawning ecology and early life history of each fish species.
My study themes are summarised as follows:
1. Morphology, taxonomy, growth and distribution of leptocephalus larvae.
2. Population structure and recruitment strategies of anguilliform fishes.
3. Spawning and migration of marine and freshwater eels.
4. Diet of leptocephalus larvae and fundamental study of artificially production of important marine eels and freshwater eels.
5. Ontogeny and systematics of fishes.
6. Early life histories of commercial puffer fishes.
Research Interests
  • Morphology, taxonomy, growth and distribution of anguilliform leptocephalus larvae in Indo-west Pacific
    keyword : Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, Anguilliformes, Leptocephalus larvae, Early life hisotry
    1982.04Early life history of Anguiiliform fish in Indo-west Pacific..
  • Life history of Conger myriaster
    keyword : Conger myriaster, Leptocephalus larvae, Spawning site, Inshore mygration, Early life history
    2000.10life history of Conger myriaster..
  • Life history of Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica.
    keyword : Anguilla japonica, leptocephali, spawning site, inshore migration, spawning migration, early life history
    1986.08life history of Anguilla japonica..
  • Species identification and early life history of tetraodontic fish
    keyword : Tetraodontidae, Takifugu, Lagocephalus, mtDNA, Identification, early life history
    2003.04Early life history studies of Indo-Pacific anguilliform species by field study..
Academic Activities
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Membership in Academic Society
  • La Societe Franco-Japonaise d'Oceanographie
  • The Ichthyological Society of Japan
  • The Japanese Society of Fisheries Science
  • Japanese Society for Aquaculture Research
  • The Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography
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Laboratory in Fisheries Biology I
Laboratory in Fisheries Biology II
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