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Shotaro Nishimura Last modified date:2024.05.07

Associate Professor / Animal & Mairne Biosciences
Department of Bioresource Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

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Animal Science, Functional Anatomy
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Outline Activities
My research activities include functional analysis of folliculostellate cells in the pituitary gland of chickens, and research on the effects of sex hormones on collagen synthesis in skeletal muscle and skin connective tissue.

(Undergraduate school)
Anatomical Exercise of Domestic Animals,
Animal and Marine Life Science,
Basic Biology Experiment,
Graduation Thesis Research
Research Interests
  • The influence of sex steroid hormone in the collagen fiber synthesis in the chicken skeletal muscle.
    keyword : chicken, collagen fiber, sex steroid hormone, skeletal muscle
  • The function of the folliculo-stellate cells in the chicken adenohypophysis
    keyword : adenohypophysis, ATP, chicken, folliculo-stellate cells
  • The effect of sex hormone on the collagen synthesis in the chicken skin
    keyword : chicken, collagen, sex hormone, skin
  • Function and morphology of the cytokeratin-immunoreactive cells in the chicken pituitary gland.
    keyword : chicken, pituitary gland, cytokeratin, folliculo-stellate cells, immunohistochemistry
  • Three-dimensional architecture of the collagen fiber network in the liber tissue of domestic animals.
    keyword : liver, collagen, three-dimensional network
  • The morphogenesis of the collagen network in the adenohypophysis of domestic animals.
    keyword : pituitary, collagen, three-dimensional architecture
  • The distribution of the melanocytes in the Silky fowl.
    keyword : Silky, melanocyte
  • Embryogenesis of the adenohypophyseal endocrine cells.
    keyword : adenohypophysis, embryo genesis, differentiation
Academic Activities
1. Nishimura S., M. Ohtani, G.M. Kabunda, S. Arai, H. Nishimura, Y. Z. Hosaka, Sex difference of the COL1A1 expression levels and collagen contents in the skeletal muscles of mature and juvenile Shamo chickens, The Journal of Poultry Science,, 61, jpsa.2024011, 2024.05.
2. Nishimura S., S. Arai, Yoshinao Z. Hosaka, Collagen contents and collagen fiber architecture in the skin of Shamo chicken, a Japanese game fowl, The Journal of Poultry Science,, 60, 2, 2023026, 2023.10.
3. Nishimura S., S. Yamahira, V. S. Chowdhury, Y. Z. Hosaka, Effects of different coating materials on the morphological characteristics of chicken adenohypophyseal folliculo-stellate cells in vitro, Animal Science Journal,, 94, 1, e13814, 2023.02.
4. Nishimura S., S. Arai, M. Ohtani, Y. Shimomura, S. Tabata, Effect of estradiol on estrogen receptor and collagen mRNA expressions in chick skin, The Journal of Poultry Science, 10.2141 / jpsa.0210093, 59, 2, 162-167, 2022.04, [URL].
5. Nishimura S, Teshima A, Kawabata F, Tabata S., Estradiol inhibits hepatic stellate cell area and collagen synthesis in the chicken liver, Animal Science Journal, 88, 1827-1834, 2017.11.
6. Nishimura S, Yamashita M, Kaneko T, Kawabata F, Tabata S., Cytokeratin-positive folliculo-stellate cells in the chicken adenohypophysis, Animal Science Journal, 88, 88, 1835-1841, 2017.11.
7. Nishimura, S., A.Teshima, V.S.Chowdhury and S.Tabata, Changes in collagen fiber content and hepatic stellate cell distribution in the liver of chick embryos and growing chickens., Animal Science Journal, 83, 6, 499-503, 2012.06.
8. Nishimura, S., A.Sagara, A.Teshima and S.Tabata, The comparison of the collagen fiber contents and hepatic stellate cell distribution in male and female chicken livers., Animal Science Journal, 82, 6, 759-763, 2011.12.
9. Nishimura, S., A.Sagara, I.Oshima, Y.Ono, H.Iwamoto, K.Okano, H.Miyachi and S.Tabata, Immunohistochemical and scanning electron microscopic comparison of the collagen network constructions between pig, goat and chicken livers., Animal Science Journal, 80: 451-459, 2009.08.
10. Nishimura, S., I.Oshima, Y.Ono, S.Tabata, A.Ishibashi and H.Iwamoto, Age-related changes in the intramuscular distribution of melanocytes in the Silky fowl., British Poultry Science, 47(4):426-432., 2006.08.
11. Nishimura,S., M.Ootsu, I.Oshima, S.Tabata and H.Iwamoto, Scanning electron microscopic comparison of the three-dimensional collagen architectures in rat, pig and chicken adenohypophyses., J.Fac.Agr.,Kyushu Univ., 51(1), 121-124., 2006.02.
12. Nishimura, S., H.Shimoda, I.Oshima, Y.Ono, K.Okano, A.Ishibashi, S.Tabata and H.Iwamoto, Proportions of melanocyte stimulating hormone-immunoreactive cells in the adenohypophysis of Silky and hyperpigmentation-free cockerels., Animal Science Journal, 10.1111/j.1740-0929.2005.00306.x, 76, 6, 575-579, 76:575-579, 2005.12.
13. Fu, X., S.Nishimura and T.E.Porter, Evidence that lactotrophs do not differentiate directly from somatotrophs during chick embryonic development., Journal of Endocrinology, 10.1677/joe.1.05799, 183, 2, 417-425, 183:417-425, 2004.11.
14. Bossis, I., S.Nishimura, M.Muchow and T.E.Porter, Pituitary expression of type I and type II glucocorticoid receptors during chicken embryonic development and their involvement in growth hormone cell differentiation., Endocrinology, 10.1210/en.2004-0155, 145, 7, 3523-3531, 145(7):3523-3531., 2004.07.
15. Nishimura, S., S.Tabata, Y.-N.Nakamura, K.Okano and H.Iwamoto, Three-dimensional architecture and distribution of collagen components in the goat hypophysis., The Anatomical Record, 10.1002/ar.a.20014, 277A, 2, 275-286, 277A:275-286., 2004.04.
16. Nishimura S., K.Ikeda, K.Okano, T.Gotoh, S.Tabata and H.Iwamoto, Proportional changes of somatotrophs, mammotrophs and somatomammotrophs induced by cessation of lactation in female goat adenohypophysis., Animal Science Journal, 72:32-38., 2001.01.
17. Nishimura S., K.Okano, K.Yasukouchi, T.Gotoh, S.Tabata and H.Iwamoto, Testis Developments and puberty in the male Tokara (Japanese native) goat., Animal Reproduction Science, 10.1016/S0378-4320(00)00197-4, 64, 1-2, 127-131, 64:127-131., 2000.01.
1. Miyu Yamashita, Shotaro Nishimura, Takane Kaneko, Fuminori Kawabata, Shoji Tabata, Folliculo-stellate cells produce a basal lamina component in the chicken adenohypophysis, The 17th AAAP Animal Science Congress, 2016.08.
2. Nishimura S., A.Teshima, S.Funatsu, H.Miyachi, V.S.Chowdhury and S.Tabata, Does oestradiol inhibit the collagen synthesis in the chicken liver?, 10th International Symposium on Avian Endocrinology (ISAE2012), 2012.06.
3. An attempt of the three-dimensional culture of chicken adenohypophyseal cells using collagen fiber network of the liver..
4. Nishimura, S., M.Nagata, S.Tabata and H.Iwamoto,Embryonic development of collagen architecture in chicken adenohypophysis. The 7th Joint Meeting of the Histochemistry Society & the Japan Society of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Hawaii, 2006.08.
5. , [URL].
6. Nishimura, S., T.E.Porter, S.Tabata and H.Iwamoto,The Effect of Progesterone on Lactotroph and Somatotroph Abundance in Female Rat Pituitary Cells In Vitro. The Endocrine Society's 85th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 2003.06..
Membership in Academic Society
  • The Japan Society for Pituitary Research
  • Japan Poultry Science Association
  • Japanese Society of Animal Science
  • Warm Regional Society of Animal Science, Japan
Educational Activities
[Undergraduate school]
Functional Anatomy of Domestic Animals
Anatomical Exercise of Domestic Animals
Basic Biology Experiment
Graduation Thesis Research
Animal and Marine Life Science

[Graduate school]
Advanced Lecture on Animal Developmental Biology