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Hirofumi Tachibana Last modified date:2024.02.02

Professor / Food science and technology
Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Faculty of Agriculture

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Academic Degree
Ph.D (Agriculture)
Field of Specialization
Food chemicalbiology, Food function regulation technology, lifescience, Antibogy engineering
Outline Activities
Identification of molecular targets for phytochemicals
Green tea polyphenol receptor: Structure and Function
Research Interests
  • Identification of food factors for prevention of life style-relating diseases.
    keyword : Food factors, life style-relating diseases
  • Food chemical biology
    keyword : Food chemical biology
  • Identification and application of the molecular targets of functional food factors

    keyword : target molecule, green tea, signaling
    1998.04Molecular characterization of green tea polyphenol receptor and its function.
  • Elucidation of Sensory Systems for Food Factors in View of Molecular Epidemiology

    keyword : epidemiology, target molecule, green tea, signaling
    2010.04Molecular characterization of green tea polyphenol receptor and its function.
  • Identification and apllication of the genes that are responsible to life style-relating diseases
    keyword : diabeties, adiponectin receptor, lipogenesis
    1997.04Identification and apllication of the genes that are responsible to life style-relating diseases.
  • Identification and application of anti-allergy factors in foods
    keyword : anti-allergy foods, methylated catechin, strictinin, IgE, FceRI, lipid raft, STAT6, IL-4
    1998.04Identification of anti-allergy factors in foods for generation of anti-allergy foods.
  • Genaration of functional antibodies
    keyword : abzyme, protease, antigen
    1997.04Generation of antibody-based tailormaid proteases.
Current and Past Project
  • Generation of anti-allergy foods by using anti-allergic tea components
    This project is supported grant from Bio-oriented technology research advancement institution (BRAIN).
  • Study on physiological functions of food componebts
    This project is supported grant from Integrated research on safety and physiological function of food, MAFF.
  • Identification and charactrization of anti-allergic components from tea
    This project is supported grant from Bio-oriented technology research advancement institution (BRAIN).
Academic Activities
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