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Hiroyuki Wariishi Last modified date:2015.9.30

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
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Faculty of Arts and Science.
Lab. of Metabolic Architecture Design.
Bio-Architecture Center.
Graduate School of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences, Education Course of Carrier-path Design for Bio-industry.
Academic Degree
Ph. D in Biochemistry
Field of Specialization
Systems Biology, Microbiology, Wood Chemistry
Outline Activities
Systems Biology on Lignin Biodegradation

Why Basidiomycetes?

1. Only Basidiomycetes are responsible for lignin biodegradation.

2. Lignin is one of the most recalcitrant aromatic biomaterials.

3. Removal of lignin may provide an effective process for biomass energy production.

4. Enzymes involved in lignin biodegradation may be interesting bio-tools for a chemical process.

5. Many structural skeletons in aromatic pollutants are seen in lignin.

Extented genome network analysis is now underway using Phanerochaete chrysosporium whoes genomic sequences are now open to public.

Functional genomics / Transcriptomics / Proteomics / Metabolomics / Pathway analysis / Bioinformatics / are on going.
Research Interests
  • Metabolic Profiling
    keyword : Biomarkers
  • Biocombinatrial Chemistry
    keyword : Cytochrome P450, Green Bioprocess
  • Systems Biology on Lignin Biodegradation
    keyword : Systems Biology, Functional Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics
  • Non-aqueous Biotechnology
    keyword : Non-aqueous, Lignin-degrading Enzymes, Aromatic Compounds, Enzymatic Synthesis, Enzymatic Degradation
  • Biochemistry of Lignin Degradation
    keyword : Basidiomycetes, Lignin, Carbon Cycle
Current and Past Project
  • Biogreen Process
  • Biogreen Process
  • Design and Synthesis of Functional Molecules via Bio-process.
  • Fungal Genomic Microarray Techniques for Environmental Monitoring.
  • Fungal Degradation of Organoarsenics.
  • Nonaqueous Biotechnology.
  • Bio-catalysis Project.
  • Effective Biomass Energy Production from Renewable Plant Biomass using Molecular Genetically Renforced Basidiomycetes.
  • Novel Process and Environmental Engineering utilizing Fungal Ability to Degrade Lignin.
  • Enzymatic Degradation of Environmentally Persistent Aromatic Pollutants.
Academic Activities
Educational Activities
Graduate Courses
 Systems Biotechnology / Analytical Systems Biology

Undergraduate Courses
 Bioinformatics / Technical English / Metabolic Architecture Design / Forest Resources Science / Cellular Biology / Green Chemistry

Experiment Courses
 4 courses

Program for Enhancing Systematic Education in Graduate Schools
Graduate Education Course, Innovative Science and Technology for Bio-industry, Student Support Office, Head
Professional and Outreach Activities
Cooperative Research Activities with several companies.

Open Lab and Open Class for high school students.