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Toshihiro MOCHIZUKI Last modified date:2021.01.12

Professor / Agricultural Bioresource Sciences
Department of Bioresource Sciences
Faculty of Agriculture

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Academic Degree
Doctor of Agriculture
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Field of Specialization
Crop Science, Agro-ecology
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Research Interests
  • Wet tolerance of soybean plant
    keyword : soybean, Wet tolerance, Aerenchyma, Drained paddy field
  • Drought tolerance in rice plant
    keyword : Aerobic rice, Drought tolerance, Rice, Water saving culture, Water use efficiency
  • Internodal elongation ability in rice
    keyword : Floating rice, Deep-water rice, QTL analysis
Academic Activities
1. Takeshi YAMAUCHI, Satoshi SHIMAMURA, Mikio NAKAZONO, Toshihiro MOCHIZUKI, Aerenchyma formation in crop species: a review
, Field Crops Research , 2013.06.
1. KUROHA, T., K. NAGAI, R. GAMUYAO, D. R. WANG, T. FURUTA, M. NAKAMORI, T. KITAOKA, K. ADACHI, A. MINAMI, Y. MORI, K. MASHIGUCHI,Y. SETO, S. YAMAGUCHI, M. KOJIMA, H. SAKAKIBARA, J. WU, K. EBANA, N. MITSUDA, M. OHME-TAKAGI, S. YANAGISAWA, M. YAMASAKI, R. YOKOYAMA, K. NISHITANI, T. MOCHIZUKI, G.TAMIYA, S. R. MCCOUCH, M. ASHIKARI, Ethylene-gibberellin signaling underlies adaptation of rice to periodic flooding., Science, 361, 181-186, 2018.07, 洪水に適応し、背丈を急激に伸長させて生き延びることができる「浮きイネ」を制御する鍵遺伝子を発見し、その分子機構と起源を明らかにした。本研究成果によって、長期間洪水が続いても生存可能なイネ品種の開発や、環境に応じてイネの背丈を人為的に制御する技術の確立が期待される。.
2. SUEMATSU, K., T. ABIKO, V. L. NGUYEN, T. MOCHIZUKI, Phenotypic variation in root development of 162 soybean accessions under hypoxia condition at the seedling stage. Plant Production Science, Plant Production Science, 2017.05, 1.
3. NGUYEN, V. L., R. TAKAHASHI, S. M. GITHIRI, T. O. ROODORIGUEZ, N. TSUTSUMI, S. KAJIHARA, T. SAYAMA, M. ISHIMOTO, K. HARADA, K. SUEMATSU, T. ABIKO, T. MOCHIZUKI, Mapping quantitative trait loci for root development under hypoxia conditions in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.), Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 10.1007/s00122-016-2847-3, 130, 743-755, 2017.04.
4. SAKAZONO, S., T. NAGATA, R. MATSUO, S. KAJIHARA, M. WATANABE, M. ISHIMOTO, S. SHIMAMURA, K. HARADA, R. TAKAHASHI, T. MOCHIZUKI, Variation in Root Development Response to flooding among 92 Soybean Lines during Early Growth Stages, Plant Production Science, 17, 3, 228-236, 2014.07.
5. KHIN, O. M., M. SATO, T. Li-Tao, Y. MATSUE, A. YOSHIMURA, T. MOCHIZUKI, Close association between aleurone traits and lipid contents of rice grains observed in widely different genetic resources of Oryza sativa, Plant Production Science, 16, 1, 41-49, 2013.01.
6. MOCHIZUKI, T., S. SAKAZONO, S. KAJIHARA, S. SHIMAMURA, Secondary aerenchyma formation and root growth response of soybean (Glycine max) seedlings under flooded conditions, Proceedings of the 7th Asian Crop Science Association Conference, 169-174, 2013.01.
7. MATSUO, N., K. OZAWA, T. MOCHIZUKI, Physiological and morphological traits related to water use by three rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes grown under aerobic rice systems, Plant and Soil, 10.1007/s11104-010-0423-1, 335, 349-361, 2010.06.
8. MOCHIZUKI T, N. MATSUO, Growth and yield of six rice cultivars under three water-saving cultivations, Plant Production Science, 12, 514-525, 12:514-525, 2009.09.
9. MATSUO, N., K. OZAWA, T. MOCHIZUKI, Genetic differences in root hydraulic conductance of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in response to water regimes, Plant and Soil, 316:25-34, 2009.02.
10. KAWANO, R., K. DOI, T MOCHIZUKI, A. YOSHIMURA, Mapping of QTLs for Floating Ability in Rice, Breeding Science, 58:47-54, 2008.03.
11. SIMAMURA, S., S. YOSHIDA, T. MOCHIZUKI, Cortical aerenshyma formation in hypocotyl and adventitious roots of Luffa cylindrica Roem. subjected to soil flooding., Annals of Botany, 100:1431-1439, 2007.11.
1. NGUYEN, T. A., Toshihiro MOCHIZUKI, Morphological, physiological and agronomical characteristics of rice (Oryza sativa L.) in response to aerobic conditions, 8th Asian Crop Science Association Conference, 2014.09.
2. OhnMar Khin, MASAO SATO, L. T. Tong, Yuji Matsue, Atsushi Yoshimura, Toshihiro MOCHIZUKI, Varietal differences of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes for aleurone traits contributing to lipid content., Asian crop Science Association Conference, 2011.09.
3. Toshihiro MOCHIZUKI, Satomi Sakazono, Sayuri Kajihara, Satoshi Shimamura, Secondary aerenchyma formation and root growth response of soybean (Glycine max) seedlings under flooded conditions., Asian crop Science Association Conference, 2011.09.